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I got this sometime in June I guess. I don’t really recall when exactly, but all I know is that ever since it landed in my cabinet, I’ve been trying to convince myself to use this everyday and have failed miserably. I simply keep forgetting and I’m guessing that my general disinterest in handcare (is that even a word? ?:-) ) could be the reason. Sigh! Time to make that change…



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About Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener:

Helps to keep nails and cuticle in proper shape.Excellent remedy for brittle and ribbed nails.

  • Quantity:20 gms
  • Price:INR 100
  • Shelf life:2 years from mfg date
  • Active Ingredients: Extracts of Lemon, Clove, Garlic & Jojoba oil and pure essential oils of Carrotseed, Clove and Lemon.
  • Directions: Massage onto cuticles and nails at night and before manicure.

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  • Packaging: It comes in a small white tube with a red plastic screw cap. The nozzle is medium-sized and aids in dispensing the required amount of product. Packaging is very hygienic and leak-proof. It is pleasing to look at but the only issue is that if you own more than one tube from Aroma Magic (like their Under Eye Gel for example), you’ll have trouble distinguishing one product from the other since they all look the same.
  • Fragrance: It would be so wrong to expect a pleasing floral fragrance with ingredients like garlic and clove :-P. The scent is essentially herbal and the scent of clove dominates. No, you cannot smell lemon at all in this but you can sense a hint of garlic that is thankfully not very pungent. Overall, the fragrance is mild and not at all bothersome.
  • Color & Consistency: It is pure white in color and the cream is fairly thick yet slightly whipped. It is not heavy or greasy and gets fully absorbed within a few seconds.



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My experience with the Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener:

Frankly, I wasn’t even sure what exactly this product would do. I have brittle nails and not-so-perfect cuticles and began using this in the hope that it would make a difference :fingersxd:. I use it at night and sometimes during the day but I have to admit that I haven’t been too consistent :shy:.

A teeny portion around my toes have been rough (read: rock solid hard) ever since I snipped it once while clipping my nails. I end up clipping it off each time I trim my nails and it always grows back hard like dead skin :struggle:. Within just a couple of uses of this cream, the skin around my toes totally softened up and were back to normal. So yes, this does its job well as a cuticle softener :yes:

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The moment I read that this helps brittle and ribbed nails I knew it was a pretty tall claim. Sure enough, I couldn’t really spot any before-and-after effects and my nails kept breaking just as ever :struggle: The only difference that I did see was it removes minor stains. This could be because lemon is a bleaching agent and it did make my nails look a bit whiter and brighter. Fairness cream for nails anyone? 😉

What I like about Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener:

  • Hygienic, easy-to-use and travel-friendly packaging
  • Herbal ingredients
  • Mild fragrance
  • Cream gets absorbed fast
  • Non-greasy
  • Softens cuticles in just a few uses
  • Removes mild stains from nails
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Reasonably priced

What don’t I like about Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener:

  • Did not help my brittle nails
  • Complete list of ingredients is not mentioned
  • Most Aroma Magic products have similar packaging and is thus a little difficult to distinguish one from another

Rating: 4/5

Final thoughts: If you’re looking for a good cuticle softener I’d definitely recommend this cream. But if you’re looking for a remedy for brittle nails, well…this may not be the best choice. If anyone out there has used this and seen good results with brittle nails, please do let me know. Atleast that way I’ll find more reasons to be consistent with this one :cute:

Have you tried Aroma Magic Cuticle Softener?

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  1. Iam gonna get this one,I had heard about it but didnt knew that it really works or not , Thanks Nafs,for the review :-))


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