Aroma Magic Fatigue Blended Mood Oil Review


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Dear all.!

This  post of mine is on  Aroma Magic Blended Mood Oil… I have been a great  follower of details on essential oils and aromatherapy but never really used in essential oil as such or a bath salt with it… except for eucalyptus oil of course.. lol… 🙂

Aroma Magic Fresh – Fatigue – Blended Mood Oil review+Armamagic oil reviews


When I was browsing through Urbantouch to purchase some other stuff, got to set my eyes on this and added this to my shopping cart immediately..

All of us enamored of essential oils and its benefits.. so I thought let me buy a small one first.. Experience it and then set bigger foot on them..

What the product claims:

Helps to revive the body and mind to overcome fatigue and tiredness. Not tested on animals.

Directions to use:

Add a few drops to warm bath water or to your massage oil or use in a diffuser or on a light bulb.

Active Ingredients:

Pure essential oils of Lemon, Orange, Vertiver & Neroli.


It comes thick glass bottle with a plastic cork inside. One can use the oil just by piercing the plastic cork so that limited and only required amount of oil is taken for each use. I have carried this along in my handbag too and this doesn’t mess at all.


aroma magic oil fatigue oil+Aroma magic product reviews+essential oil benefits



INR 175 for 15 ml. (I got this for INR 160 from Urbantouch during Diwali)

Now I see in the same site that the price is increased to INR 220 🙁

The way I see this oil:

After a long and tired day at work and such traffic & humid conditions, make me feel to go for a bath in the evening too.. not bothering the winter… A warm bath that can refresh me totally..

This oil adds to the refreshment.. I love the strong, citrusy fragrance of this oil that comes out just from 2-3 drops in my bath water. I prefer to mix it well, enjoy the fragrance for some time and then splash it on me.. J

Sometimes I add this in my morning bath routine to spice up my mood.. or there are days when I am in no mood to take a bath in the evening… jus freshen up and take a drop of this oil and apply them on to my ear sides and wrists… and jus relaxxxxxxx…

It definitely calms and relaxes my mood…the fragrance is strong yet mild on the mood.. People who love citrusy fragrance will definitely love this since any essential oil will have a strong scent..

I hate the smell of my Vaadi Herbals Anti-Wrinkle cream.. so I have added two drops of this to the cream… and apply it on my hands and yo.. relax too..

aroma magic oil reviews+Essential oil reviews+aroma magic oils


I am not very sure on the price point.. since have no previous experience in purchasing them.. for now I feel I got this for a decent price.. your suggestions are welcome..

All I want now is somebody to apply too.. 🙂

The ‘Yes’ factors:

  • Mood calming & relaxing
  • Citrusy  indulgence
  • Packaging
  • Pricing

The ‘No’ factors:

Nothing as such.

Will I repurchase: For sure! I would also love to try the other essential oils too.


My rating:

  • Availability: 3/5
  • Price: 4/5
  • Product: 4/5

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    • I love love essential oils and my fav are lavender, orange and eucalyptus ..i love them .they r a gr8 way of de stressing yourself 🙂

    • Shale’s really relaxing .. when u r back from office just pout few drops in warm bucket full of water ..u will feel divine and so relaxed 🙂

  1. This sounds so nice, I was thinking about getting the flawless variation of it but it was sold out! :-((
    Btw, the discount at UT is not attractive anymore, I mean I love the box but I cannot pay *so much* for a black box :hypnotized:

    • haha…exactly my thoughts Emm. :rotfl: They should really do something about the discounts n brands……its getting boring day by day to see the same stuff n same offers :-/

  2. After reading this post, i got so nostalgic that i went and dutifuly bought a few more. This time some brand called Dr.Jain’s. Got Ylang-Ylang, Lavender, Peppermint and Rose Oil. They are quite cheap compared to AM. Each one had different rate. The highest one cost 90 Rs.

  3. thanku all…

    i too never knew fabindia has essential oils too.. never saw them in their website.. should be available in their outlets… I am too planning to pick lavender one next time :waving:

  4. oh.. tats in secunderabad area na… oops.. i stay in hi-tech city.. pretty far for me.. but do let me know the exact location and landmark.. i wil make a trip there for christmas or new yr.. 😀

  5. Good you reviewed..whenever goes to fabindia i always take essential oil and then put it back,since i’m not will pick it up 🙂


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