Aroma Magic Honey Hand And Body Lotion Review


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Hello all

I am here with review of Aroma magic Honey hand and body lotion. It has some good thing keep reading.

  • Background: Started using from 1or 2week of January when there was extreme cold and my body felt chapped and continuing using it till march bottle is close to end.
  • Price : Rs 80 small bottle.
  • Smell : Kind of like dried rose petals.
  • Ingredients list : As shown in the picture below

My experience:

I randomly picked this up from Big bazaar and honestly wasn’t expecting much from it. I started using it and unlike what it said “to be used on damp skin” I did not follow it and used it at night just before bed and continued using it like this for 1 week or so. Doing this my skin felt absolutely no moisture I mean it was like I have just applied the  moisturizing lotion and it vanished in an hour esp. bz January was giving me chapped skin.


Next week onwards I started following their instruction and started using it just after bath on towel dampened skin and still didn’t feel much of difference I felt like it kept me hydrated for 3-4 hrs then my hands and feet felt parched again. I was upset socha ki donno what I have got myself I was better of with Vaseline :P.

But no the best was yet to come after about 10 days I suddenly realized that my skin felt smoother and tight that too it was my unwaxed skin that should have ideally felt coarse but I was amazed. The parched dryness was going away. I thought may be bz January is coming to end so may be my body is secreting its natural oils 😛 lol.  Or may be because at nights I was still using my Vaseline. By 1st week of feburary I had to go for a trip so I dint carry it Aroma magic  kept using Vaseline only there. At the end of the trip back home my skin was back to square one parched again that smoothness had gone. So I knew something to this lotion is doing on me.




I read the list and googled about AHA and its other ingredients and found out that they were all helpful in generating new cells and kept skin firm. I was so happy I knew that this product was better than what I had thought :D. From then on it again took me around 10 days or so to regain back my smooth and tight skin I am continuing to use it till now every day all over my body in good quantity :D. I am so happy.

What I liked about Aroma Magic Honey Hand And Body Lotion

  • If you have an aging skin and if you can wait for 10 15 days of use to see smooth skin effect then go for it.
  • Oily body skin would love this.
  • Its definitely a yes during summers.
  • Want a less pricy product that gives smooth skin effect its for you just 80 Rs Goes for 2-3 months.


What I didn’t like about Aroma Magic Honey Hand And Body Lotion

  • Like I said If you want your skin to plum up on moisturizing instantly it is not for you.
  • Very dry skin stay away.
  • If you do not have the patience to dampen your skin (not too much water not less watery.. don’t know how to explain this 😛 lol ) and massage this then definitely its not for you.
  • It is definitely not very heavily moisturizing like 24 hours claim isn’t true.

Verdict: Pro’s and con’s equal yet I’d buy this only for the reason that it has kept my skin smooth and soft. I don’t rather can’t use very costly products on body bz my very economical mind stops me from doing it so a economical product with good results is always welcome 🙂

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  1. Goodmorning Shreya..I have never tried any of the aroma magic lotions.have used their waterproof sunscreen when I use to go for works beautifully:)

    • Dont know about the wonder product but i think it simiply works on the formula of using AHA daily on skin.. like if you use milk everyday on your skin its AHA will evidently make skin smoother .. i guess its just AHA packed in lotion that works in this case simple.

  2. oh by the way, i want to ask something here, a new aroma magic salon has opened near my home, i want to try some facials, have any one out there visited aroma magic salon? any suggestions girls what to ask them for? i have oily skin 😐

  3. hello anu,
    doing good. toooooooooooo busy i dunno doing what.
    time just flies.
    how you doing dear? just want to say that i love your blog
    and also you.

  4. @Bhumika Never tried mineral glow scrub .. me whenevr try scrub na i get rashes i doubt i’d try anything like that…but ya this is real good you must try 🙂

    @ Maha yap try and let me know how it is 🙂

    @ Sonia this one not for dry skin normal and oily ones would love it 🙂


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