Aroma Magic Milk Pack Skin Lightener and Nourisher Review


Wise She Mega NYX Entry 16 By Swati

  • Product: Aroma Magic Milk Pack Skin Lightener and Nourisher
  • What the Aroma Magic Pack claims This pack gives amazing results due to its formula that is rich in lactic acid.It covers all ages and leaves your skin shades lighter, more velvety and luminous.For all skin types.

  • Ingredients: Dried Yoghurt, Soya protein, hydrolyzed protein, Amino acids, Vit A, C &E minerals.
  • Price: INR 100 for 35 gms.
  • How to use milk pack -To lighten the skin, mix 1 tsp pack with 1 tsp with AM fair lotion. To nourish the skin mix with aromatic skin toner. Make a paste and apply it on face and neck. Wash after 20 mins


Aroma Magic Milk Pack Skin Lightener and Nourisher review

Packaging: It comes in powder form. The powder is filled in 6-7 small plastic packets which are stuffed inside the tub. I filled up the powder in the tub and threw away the plastic packets, so can’t show that to you. But trust me, the packaging makes no sense to me.

Lately I have developed a liking for AromaMagic products and this started because of the first ever product I had tried- : Aroma Magic Milk Pack. I don’t use it with the fairy lotion as recommended, but it still gives me pretty good results.


Aroma Magic Milk Pack Skin Lightener

It comes in the form of a slightly pale pink powder that needs to be mixed with a liquid to form a paste. I mix it with rose water. The resultant paste is thick and is not very smooth. The paste looks like cerelac paste and smells dominantly of milk powder. I just love the smell! It dries off within 10 minutes and after that I simply wash it off with water. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, refreshed and brighter. I wouldn’t say it makes my complexion lighter but it gives a healthy glow to my face and I love that! I can’t rave enough about how lovely it makes my skin look. I get so many compliments after I use this. The effect lasts the whole day long! I am in love with this pack!


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What i liked about Aroma Magic Milk Pack


  • Leaves my skin looking brighter and glowing
  • I love the milk powder smell it has.
  • Dries pretty quickly.
  • May not lighten the complexion but surely removes tanning to some extent.
  • Very affordable and easily available.
  • For all skin types. I am oily-skinned but it did not break me out.
  • Does not dry out the skin because of lactic acid.


What I do not like about Aroma Magic Milk Pack


  • Comes in powder form, so you need to mix it with liquid and make a paste everytime to wanna use it.
  •  Does not lighten the complexion.
  •  The effect is not very long-lasting.
  • The ingredient list is very vague!

Will I repurchase it: Yes!

Will I recommend this: Surely!

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    • Give it a try..since its so damn cheap, you wont regret the purchase!

      The brightness lasts for an entire day, but i’d ideally expect it to last a little longer!

      • same here…i though tthe brightness wud last longer but alas!! 😉 but still its so refreshing…hav u tried their enzyme pack swati? its even more refreshing than this..

  1. I think its high time for me to try some aroma magic stuff….. :duh:
    people seem to like its product so much…. on my next trip to market i am gettim some aroma magic for me :dance-leftright: :dance-leftright:
    nice review swati

  2. Gud Morning everyone!

    Nice review Swati..I luv this FP too…I also never understood the logic behind putting them in sachets..First I thought they meant one sachet was for a single use but one doesnt need so much in one go! But nonetheless, it makes my skin feel baby soft! :birthday-dance:

  3. Milk pack sounds so nourishing…specially for people with dry skin like me 😛 and tht too in just Rs.100 ….awesome :yes: :yes:
    Nice review swati 🙂

      • Yeah Zara, I’ve used their Bio Clove pack and it worked for me, I was going thru a horrible pimple phase back in feb. This FP along with oil of wintergreen cream worked pretty well.. You’ll need a bit of patience though.. But they are herbal products, so they’ll have lesser side effects.. 🙂

      • I’ve never tried the milk protein one either, its supposed to give you that glow or something. I’m a sucker for anything that says herbal 😛 :razzmad: . How good are Aroma magic products? I’ve seen them in health and glow like a million times, their chocolate face mask or something sounded damn tempting to me! =D

        • Sandhya, do try their chociie FP..its so amazing..ul feel like licking it off ur face! and it makes te skin baby soft..

          AM stuff is really nice..i have only used their FPs, never the skin care products tho since they dont seem to work for me..but a lot of ppl do like i guess u shud try out something first 🙂

          • Does it work on oily skin? Ok mine is oily only at the t-zone, the rest of the face is pretty soft.. Wont chocolate make my face a little too oily? I’m new to the makeup and beauty arena, so feel free to share some gyaan 🙂

            • hey Sandhya…i have te same kinda skin,…oily t-zone..and this wrks perfectly…it doesnt make my face ily at all…and especially in the winters when my skin gets super dry it wrks even better…. 🙂

  4. I have bought and used this pack. And didnt like the stale milk smell that was left behind and didnt like the pack itself.
    It did nothing to me – no glow – no fairness… 🙁

    guess, i am a sucker for homemade packs 🙂

    • Aaww…i loved the reminded me of milk powder…I am such a glutton!!! :vampire:

      but nothing works like homemade packs, i have to agree! :highfive:

  5. hey swati! i tried this one.. even along with fairy lotion but it did nothing for me.. even i have combi/oily…acne prone.. dint break me out but the effects are very temporary.. :-/ :-/
    glad that it worked for u 🙂

  6. I too liked the AM lavender face wash the mineral glow scrub n of course the best amongst the lot almond nourishing lotion. I have also used their beautiful skin oil its also pretty ok

  7. The lotion is also hydrating n is gud for summers bt as for winter m going to try wheat germ cream from biotique or saffron youth dew cream also from the same brand.Have u tried any of their products ????

  8. Let me know how u found the lotion,, i never used lotions before coz i didnt find them suuuuuuuper hydrating bt this one i cant resist coz of the smell.Its really exotic…………


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