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By Vaishnavi Krishna

Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion

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I saw Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion at an online store. I always wanted to try aroma magic body lotions so I thought of giving this a try. And I was so eager to try this

Finally when the order arrived I was so excited to try this but my excitement torn apart as this is not actually a body lotion instead its a toner 🙁

So with no other option I started using this and I must say thay I’m quite impressed by this so called lotion.


Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion


About Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion:

A cooling and refreshing antiseptic skin toner. A natural skin pH balancer peps up and tones the skin.

Directions To Use: Spray on to the face or use when you feel tired. Mix face packs with it for a better effect.

Active ingredients: Extracts of carrot, basil and pure essential oils of Rose, Lavender, Geranium and Neroli.

Price: Rs. 55 for 120 ml and Rs.110 for 220 ml

Shelf Life: 2 years


Aroma Skin Fresh Lotion


My experience with Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion:

Packaging: This toner comes in a red flip flop cap and a white bottle which is sturdy as well as travel friendly

Usage: I use this toner as a part of my regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing routine and whenever I come into my room after long, tiresome days it definitely gives the same feeling of freshness which you experience after spraying cold rose water on your face.  I use it whenever my skin feels stretchy after using any face wash and it helps a lot in reducing that dry feeling. I have used this toner to decrease the consistency of thick face packs and it has worked very nicely in that aspect.


Aroma Magic Skin Freshener


How it worked (on my dry skin): It cleans the skin to some extent when used on an unwashed face. I have noticed that it reduced my face pores. Though this effect doesn’t stay for long and isn’t permanent, it definitely reduces the pores for a few hours.

Fragrance: The fragrance of this toner is similar to the fragrance of rose water.

It doesn’t help in reducing acne or oil from the skin, but it doesn’t claim to do that either. It is just a normal skin freshener which can substitute or replace rose water, but can’t replace anti-acne toner.


AM Skin Fresh Lotion swatch


What I like about Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion:

  • Skin becomes fresh
  • Reduces the pores
  • sturdy and travel friendly packaging
  • inexpensive
  • Cleans the skin to some extent.
  • Feels very gentle on the skin.
  • Has fragrance of roses.
  • avaibility us not an issue
  • Doesn’t cause break outs.

What I don’t like about Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion:

  • Won’t help acne-prone skin much.
  • name could be different as it attracts people looking for a lotion

Rating: 4/5.

Would I Recommend Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion? Yes, it is just a routine skin freshener with natural extracts which can be used instead of rose water for giving the feeling of freshness to the skin and as a part of CTM routine. It is more suited for normal to dry skin people rather than oily people.

Would I Repurchase Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion? May be. I’m not sure about that as I basically prefer rosewater for toning.

Have fun and take care 🙂

Have you tried Aroma Magic Skin Fresh Lotion?

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