Aroma Magix Oxy Face Pack Review


 Aroma magic Oxy Pack

Hi All,

I love face packs and like experimenting with the different ones available in the market. Unfortunately, I have very sensitive skin and am allergic to even multani mitti(fuller earth) which is one of the most popular ingredients in a face pack.

So when I saw this gel based Face Pack  I jumped to try it..Plus, I’d heard a lot about Aroma Magic products and wanted to try it out.

Aroma Magic Oxy Face Pack Review

Aroma Magic  Claim & Description

    •  For normal and all skin types
    • Oxy pack helps to oxygenate the skin or supply oxygen to the skin.
    • Helps to keep skin cells flexible and remove waste and toxins.
    • Also helps energize the face and boost circulation.
    •  It contains natural botanicals that help fight free radicals and regenerates cell metabolism
    • Helps eliminate hyper pigmentation and lighten the skin.
    •  Keeps skin looking refulgent and feeling fresh.
    • Ingredients:Extracts of Grape Fruit, Seaweed, Aloe Vera, vitamin A & C & Hydrolysed Protein, & Pure essential oils of Chamomile, Lavender.
    • Price:  I bought it from here  as it was on offer.I as it is wanted a back up.
    • Quantity:50gms
    • How to Use Face Pack -Apply on face and wipe of after 20 minutes. Alternatively mix 1/2 tsp of pack with 1/4th teaspoon of Enzyme Peel Pack to make a paste and apply onto face . Wipe off after 20 minutes. Use morning & night.

About Aroma Magic Oxy Pack

  • Packaging – It comes in a plastic tub container with a screw top lid. The mouth of the tub is covered with a foil which has to be peeled back. Naturally all of us would prefer a tube packaging for hygienic purposes but I don’t mind this kind of packaging either. The lid is secure and this would be travel-safe as well.
  • Texture & Color– This face pack is a transparent colored gel and has a very thick texture to it. It is easy to spread over the face and one doesn’t need much per use. I bought this sometime in January and use it about once a fortnight and you can still see that there is sooooo much remaining.

Aroma magic pack Aroma Magic Oxy Face Pack Reviews

  • Fragrance – This face pack has a very mild Aqua sorta fragrance. It is not at all strong and doesn’t linger after the wash either. Infact, the fragrance subsides within a minute of application.
  • Application & Effectiveness – I’ve used this mask along with the enzyme peel pack as well but I like it best when used alone. I just spread a small amount on my face after cleansing and cover the entire surface of my face and neck avoiding the yes. It doesnt dry and tighten the skin like the powder based masks. It just slightly hardens into a thin film of gel on the face. I then wash it off after 20-30 mins.

I really love this face pack. It is undoubtedly my favourite  of all Aroma Magic Fps. It makes such a difference to my skin. I love using this when I’m tired especially. When I’m stressed or tired, my skin tends to go very dull and a bit ashy and this is the perfect solution. I just apply this on my face and use my TBS eye mask and lie down for 30mins. After washing this off, my face looks brighter and even feels smoother and I feel rejuvenated for sure!

I also like using this on distressed skin which occurs a lot when weather changes. I use this at the mere hint of rashes or boils and it calms them down quite a lot.

Aroma oxy pack Aroma Magic Face Pack reviews

What I liked about Aroma Magic Oxy Face Pack:-


  • Its brightening effect is quite commendable.
  • I would recommended for sensitive skin as well. I have very sensi skin and it didn’t break me out.
  • It truly is rejuvenating and relaxing
  • One needs to use very little for each use. I still have enough for another 4 months atleast!
  • The jar is very sturdy and is travel friendly as well.
  • Very pocket friendly
  • Fragrance is very mild and not irrritating
  • A must have for those who live life on the go!
  • No messy mixing required…Just unscrew the lid and spread over the skin!

What I do not like about Aroma Magic Oxy Face Pack:-

  • Availability may be an issue in some cities.
  • Tub packaging is kinda inconvenient.
  • The lightening effect is only temporary.
  •  Will I buy it again: Absolutely, no doubts on that.. 🙂

Have you tried Aroma Magic Oxy Face Pack?

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  1. GM girls…. This pack looks nice na! I have never seen a gel wala FP!! Should def try this one 🙂 Fortunately we get quite a bit of Aroma pdts here in Bangalore!! Another product on my wish list 😀

    • ice gola!! now uv made me think of golas…abhi how will i work peacfully? 😉 😉

      it is definitely very also cools the skin so weel and is great for any skin reactions caused by heat..

  2. I am also dreaming of golas…. i loved the cola ones and pink ones (I am sure it was not strwberry)!!!!! :silly:
    Btw is this good for removing tan too?

    • thanx Mitha..thats one of the reasons i like this too..its not goopy and doesnt drip and get all messy..i hate cleaning after all!

      AM products not available in ur parlor also? alot of parlors keep a couple of products and also can get more for u on order..

  3. but am not into online shopping dear !!
    and I doubt whether they can send it to my address and I wont be available at my home when they deliver the product !!!

    • Hi Shreya…this wud be very very useful for post threading…especially for those who tread full face, this is a must…i too have very sensi skin and i get those tiny scabs sometimes…this does help but it shud be used about 2-3hrs after threading only…not before..once i tried using it immediately and the area started itching….i guess coz the skin was too distressed at that point and even this FP musthave felt thick and cloggy for the pores..

  4. Hi Zara

    Nice review. Came at the right time. i was thinking of buying it while browsing thru aromamagic packs on urbantouch. At the same time Kids started fighting with each other that I logged off to play referee to them.
    Now I am definitely gonna order this

    • Thanx Madhura..Also check out Aroma magic products on r having discounts on AM products! 🙂

      btw, wot was the result of the fighting match? 😉

  5. they didn’t get to watch tv that evening.
    As soon as I switched off the tv my son took over the comp and daughter went outside to play.

    • Pakka Megha..they r totally worth b honest none of their lotions seem t work for me but their face packs n masks r undoubtedly the best..

  6. Sounds great! will definitely get it after my fruit pack from himalaya s done…even i love experimenting with packs n till now the Himalaya ka peel off has been the best, tingliness is an issue but if you stand in from of the a/c for a bit, it wears off n the after effects are worth it 🙂 🙂

    • ohhh! himalaya has a peel off mask? i had no idea…ive always only known about the everyuth one..i wana try it out 🙂 🙂 Thanks for the info Keerthi!

      • Ailaa aisa kya?? its really nice, get it asap n apply it at night so after you peel it off, your skin gets time to enjoy n by morning glow dikh ke aata hai 🙂 🙂
        Youre moost welcome! 🙂

  7. I am using this face pack and its very effective. Koi oxygen de gaya mere skin main 😛

    Good for all skin type. Me a dry skin but I love this gel texture which do not make my skin dry 🙂 Thums up.. And Zara Di.. Wonderful review…!! 🙂


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