Aron’s Vitamin E Rejuvenating Facial Foam Review


By Zara,

Hi All,
I came across this cleanser on Fashion & You about 3 months earlier and picked it up since I’ve always like facial foams. They tend to be so soft and gentle on the skin and is akin to pampering yourself.

Aron's Vitamin E Rejuvenating Facial Foam Review

About Vitamin E Rejuvinating Facial Foam

Aron's Vitamin E Facial Foam Review
Price: 300 INR
Quantity: 150 ml

Aron's Facial Foam Review

My experience with About Vitamin E Rejuvenating Facial Foam:

Packaging – Like most face washes, this facial foam comes in a white tube tube with blue lettering. It has a screw-top lid as well. I wish they had a flip top lid since the foam is thin and it’s tough to close the lid while handling it at the same time.

Aron's Vitamin E Rejuvenating Facial Foam

Texture -  The foam is white in color and has a very thin consistency. Its extremely creamy and while foaming up, it feels rich and luxurious. Although I must say, it doesn’t foam too much but this doesnot take away from the over all effectiveness of this cleanser

Fragrance – This cleanser has a mild medicinal fragrance, but it isn’t irritating or unpleasant on any way. It doesn’t last for too long so there’s no worry about lingering fragrances.

Effectiveness – This cleanser claims to make your skin soft and smooth. In my case, it has softened my skin but nothing attention-worthy. Its like any other cleanser and does its work well.

The Verdict

This face wash is amazingly creamy and silky to use. One would definitely feel like they are being pampered by this. But it does nothing extra to my skin. Because of the Vitamin E printed so boldly on the front, I thought it would really work in some mysterious ways to smoothen my skin and make it look brighter; but it its effects are nothing remarkable. What I did like about it though was that it removes all my make-up in one wash which is tough thing to find in cleansers.


Aron's Vitamin E Rejuvenating Facial Foam Swatches

After massaging into skin

Aron's Vitamin E Facial Foam Swatches


  • Not too expensive considering how long this lasts
  • The foam is really luxurious and creamy
  • A dime sized amount is all that’s needed for 1 use
  • This is one of the few cleansers which removes my make up in one wash



  • Availability. I haven’t seen this anywhere other than on FnU
  • Doesn’t do anything extra for my skin
  • Some ladies may prefer a cleanser which foams a bit more

Have any of you used this cleanser too?


  1. Hey Zara, its a surprise that it helped to remove your makeup….completely different experience for me..didn’t at all removed mine 🙁 . i found it a general good daily use cleanser which nourishes & softens your skin nothing more than that. Me too ordered from F&U..Same pinch 😀


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