Asian Skincare Secrets To Know


Asian Skincare Secrets To Know

Hey Wiseshe Beauties! I am sure you all must be aware that the BB creams & sheet masks were given to us by South Korea, which is said to be seven years ahead of the rest of the world in terms of beauty products. An average Korean woman’s skincare regime contains 12 steps and can take up to 40 minutes. You must have seen several Asian celebs flaunting their flawless skin. Let us take a look at some of these Asian beauty secrets to give you that perfect glow!

The Double Cleansing Ritual:

The practice of Double Cleansing is one of the most prominent steps in Asian skincare regime. Oil-based skincare is very popular in many parts of Asia. Cleansing with oil before using a face wash is known as double cleansing. This method helps to remove both makeup and excess dirt that sticks up throughout the day. The first step is to apply an oil based cleanser to remove makeup and traces of oil. Cleansing oils work so well because oil dissolves oil. Next, a foaming cleanser is applied to remove dirt & impurities. This two-step cleansing approach washes away all impurities, unclogs pores, and the result is soft and refreshed skin. In fact, the 4-2-4 method is also followed by some women, which means, four minutes of rubbing oil all over the face, two minutes of foaming with cleanser & rinsing with water for four minutes.

Slapping On Moisturizer:

Asian women keep their skin moisturized at all times. In fact, they follow this particular method of applying moisturizer. They start from the bottom of the chin and apply the moisturizer as they go up. This way their forehead is the last part of the face to apply moisturizer. Women in Korea & Japan slap the moisturizer onto their skin instead of rubbing. This stimulates circulation & helps absorb the moisturizer completely.


Don’t Forget The Toner:

After cleansing, comes toning. Asian women make sure that they don’t skip this step. A toner helps to balance the Ph of your skin and prepares your skin for serums & moisturizers. It also replenishes and nourishes your skin & reduces the size of your pores. In Korea toners are mainly ‘refreshers’ since they refresh and ready the skin for the next step in your skincare routine. It is important to get rid of the alcohol-laden toner and use a skin softener or an alcohol-free toner as alcohol tends to make the skin dry.


Massage & Exercise Your Face:

Massaging your skin while cleansing with oil as well as while applying moisturizer is important. This improves the blood circulation & brightens up your complexion. Asian women either massage in circular motions with fingers or use a facial brush. Simple facial exercises for face are also carried out.


Use Face Masks:

Chinese Actress Fan Bingbing admits to using 600 paper masks a year which makes it at least one per day, & sometimes even two. These are serum-soaked hydrating masks which are highly effective in hydrating the undernourished skin. They blanket your face & infuse moisture into the skin & keep you well-hydrated. These are a must-have for Asian women.

Always Use A Sunscreen:

Korean women never leave the house without sunscreen on. It is always treated as a priority. Whether they use a foundation with built-in sunscreen or apply it as a stand-alone product, they always keep their skin protected from the harmful sun rays. Sunscreen should always be applied before stepping out in the sun no matter the weather.

Hydrate Throughout The Day:

Asian women always keep their skin hydrated at all times. They use mist facial sprays over the face to refresh their skin. Hydration is important since your skin gets thirsty too! These mists are full of hydrating ingredients & your skin feels refreshed & rejuvenated.



Asian women exfoliate regularly using gentle water-based exfoliators. This helps them in getting rid of the dead skin cells & keeps the skin soft, smooth & radiant.



Taking Care Of Eyes:

Asian women take good care of their eyes as well. In addition to using a good under-eye cream, under eye stripsare also used which reduce darkness and puffiness under the eyes.


Use Of Essences:

Essences are super-charged waters that are applied before a face cream & help your skin to absorb the moisture. These are typically used to target specific issues, which may range from acne to aging or any other skin condition. Each ingredient is designed to treat a specific skin concern. These are lighter than lotions. They hydrate your skin & delay the signs of ageing as well.


Use Of Natural Ingredients:

Asian women believe in using ingredients gifted by the Mother nature on their skin. These include Snail Mucin, green tea, and Yeast Ferment. Snail Mucin helps in regenerating skin cells & giving a radiant glow. Green Tea refreshes tired skin and helps maintain a healthy, natural glow. Yeast Ferment helps in increasing your metabolism & delaying signs of ageing.


Consistency Is Key:

The key to a flawless complexion is consistency. It is important to take care of your skin every day, no matter how much busy you are. Start taking care of your skin before it gets exposed to any kind of damage!

Did you know these extensive skincare secrets of Asian beauties?

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