Aspirin/ Disprin Mask With Step By Step Pictures


Aspirin/ Disprin Mask With Step By Step Pictures

Aspirin or commonly known as Disprin is mainly an anti-inflammatory painkiller which you can get from a chemist shop without any prescription! Well, the recent update is that you do need a prescription for aspirin just to safe that these drugs are not misused just because they are readily available!

aspirin disprin skincare

These tablets are instantly soluble in water and are also available which can be directly popped up! Well, here we are not going to go deep into its composition but will find out how you can use aspirin in your beauty regime! Yes!! Heard that right!

aspirin disprin face mask

Disprin/Aspirin mask is my beauty recipe whenever I want to give instant shine to my face. It somehow works so perfectly that I am always inclined to try it every 3-4 days! And the best thing it that it is so easy to prepare!

aspirin tablets for skin

Be it reducing the size of the pimples, tightening of the pores or just exfoliation. It is a master in its work. Those of you who do not find Aspirin can use Disprin as Disprin is basically our India’s Aspirin. Though disprin mask should not be used regularly as it dries the skin but doing it once or twice in a week is okay.

I also use this mask whenever I have pimples on my forehead or on my cheeks and it shrinks my pimples within a day.There are various ways to make this mask with different ingredients but here I am using honey for this particular mask! 🙂

So shall we see how to make the mask in following easy steps!

Step 1:

aspirin mask Step 1

Take 3 Disprin tablets! You can take four also but three Disprin covers my face and neck easily so you can decide accordingly!

Step 2:

aspirin disprin mask step 2

Add 1/2 tsp of water in it so that Disprin melts down and for easier application too!

Step 3:

as pirin mask Step 3

Add 1/2 tsp of honey in it. Make sure honey is not that runny otherwise mask will pour down from your face. Those who have Oily skin can use aloe vera juice instead of honey! 🙂

Step 4:

as pirin disprin mask Step 4

Let the tablets get soften and in the mean time you can wash your face with a face wash or a cleanser and dry it up.

Step 5:

aspirin mask Step 5

Mix it with the help of your finger. Disprin mask is ready to be used. 🙂

How To Apply This Mask?

  • Apply the mask with the help of your finger and be gently under your eyes corners on the side of your nostrils.
  • Wait for 15 minutes and wash it off with water.

Some Important Suggestions To Keep In Mind:

  • It is better to use lukewarm water for a beautiful shine. Do not forget to apply!
  • Do not forget to apply moisturizer after using the mask.
  • Those who suffer from blackheads or white heads problems can use a spare toothbrush brush for exfoliation.

Please read how to exfoliate with a brush here.

Some Drawbacks of using Aspirin/ Disprin Mask On Face:

  • It should not be used every day. Though after seeing the result you might be tempted to use it.
  • Also, one can be allergic to this pack so always do a test patch before applying it on your face.

For more details about Asprin face mask click here

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  1. @ Rentu- I just applied it on my face and my skin is comeletely wash out my face.:)@ Tanveer Psrmar-Tanz you got dry skin therefore dont forget the [email protected] Asha- Oh Ya asha any medical store you wil get Disprin ..

  2. I am aware of this mask but is aspirin safe to use on face. i mean it's kind of scary feeling to use disprin all over your face…

  3. I have been using it quiet often Rati and its working for me..still i would advise to for test patch before using it on the face.also as you have dry skin just use it once or twice a weak at max.How is it going with you..long time

  4. i m housewife n my complexion is fair.i dont usually go in pollution n sunlight.but nowdaysi have pimple problem.can i use this pack ……………………

  5. thanx anamika………………i have combination skin.but i dont know whether its sensitive or not………….my cheeks always looks pinkish.but sometimes small rashes seen………… my skin sensitive? 😕 😕 😕

  6. i have an oily skin . due to oily skin i have acne on my face . can i use it on my face to get rid of acne ? is it safe to use it while having acne ?

  7. Hello, I’ve used aspirin for 3 days daily at night but I don’t see any positive response about my scar and acne…so sud I stop using dz aspirin or is Der any other way to get rid of my scar…

  8. a friend of mine recommended this and its working, i just checked on google to see if its safe. though acne scars are still there fading slowly but the acne is gone and my skin feels soft and glowy (i think the glowy part is the 2 litre water i drink daily) but its amazing even my collegues are noticing the difference


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