ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash Review


 Astaberry Wine Face Wash 

Hello all gorgeous ladies….!

Here I am, with a review of a product which happens to be ASTABERRY WINE FACE WASH Age Defying Hydrating Cleanser…I purchased it online as usual from here. In fact, all my purchases are from online stores as I tend to get confused when I go to a mall and end up stocking the wrong products in my shopping trolley, be it a shampoo or any skin care product 🙁



ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash Review+facial cleansers


  • Price: Rs. 65 for 100ml


About Astaberry Wine Face Wash:-

This unique facial cleanser improves skin moisturization, firmness and elasticity. Red Grape extracts help reduce fine surface lines and replenish depleted moisture. This facial cleanser provides you with everlasting glow and fairness.

  • Shelf life:Expiry date on the crimp is July’2015 and I didn’t find any mfg date on the tube…:-( Well I bought it this year in June…! So I assume its shelf life to be around 1.5-2 years…!
  • Directions for use:Apply small amount to wet palms and work into a rich lather before applying to face and neck. Massage with fingertips for ten seconds. Rinse off and pat dry.

My experience with ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash:

It comes in a red wine colored tube with a transparent screw cap. Packaging is overall good.

This facial cleanser is wine colored, as the name suggests. It’s non-creamy and is a gel based product. It has a very mild smell which is left behind even after washing it off but that won’t bother for a long time and tends to vanish in 10-15 minutes…:-)


ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash Review package+facial wash


I picked up this product because I was fascinated by the idea of Wine Face wash and didn’t pay much attention to the Age defying part….ooopss…!

Well I must say that I am not at all repenting my decision to pick this one because it certainly showed good results on my face…

A small amount of it is sufficient for a single use. Initially I didn’t applied it as mentioned in the directions to use so I didn’t find any lather after applying and massaging it for 10 seconds…! Here I have a confession to make, “I still use it just like I first used it…!”

After 10 seconds of massaging and eventually rinsing it I noticed clarity on my face. Also I did not feel the need to apply any moisturizer after that. It was so soft…my cheeks specially…!


ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash Review Hand Swatch+skin care products


I am a firm believer of the hydrating property of this product…!


What I like about ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash:-


  • Improves skin moisturization
  • Skin is softer after a single use
  • Face looks fairer and has a glow
  • Travel friendly non messy tube

What I don’t like about ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash:-


  • A long list of chemical compounds
  • Few natural ingredients
  • Glow is temporary and fades after 2-3 hours depending upon the humidity.

I still use it very often and it works for my skin making it soft every time…!

Product Rating: 3/5 (I can’t ignore the chemicals used in this ayurvedic product…!!)


Would I recommend ASTABERRY Wine Face Wash:


Yes I would do…but just for the glow, elasticity and softness along with the hydrating properties…:-)


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  1. I Have this, I Already have allergies and OMG the minute the smell entered my nose,it gave me a bad allergy, girls I am warning you, if you have a sensitive nose or any kind of allergy, stay away!!

    • Haha She didn’t mentioned about allergies Gowthami, but so glad you took my advice as important hun 🙂 but yes it did irritated my nose to the point I sneezed for 2 days.

  2. Honestly ,I too had very sensitive skin 5-6 years back and I wasn’t able to use anything on my face. But now its not the case…! 🙂 Thank god….!
    Sorry to hear about allergies from u lovely ladies…I hope it improves each day…! 🙂

  3. Hey I had come across this brand some time ago and the products looked good but stayed away, this one looks good but m a sensi nose too 🙁 What goes in trying, It’s so easy on pocket too 🙂 Will pick it up once


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