Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury Review & EOTD


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As much as I love all my various eyeshadows, when I’m travelling I like to carry compact items like duos, trios or quads. Not only are they easy to carry around but are super convenient when you have lesser time on your hands to get ready. This quad is a freebie I received on one of my orders off of Ebay. I don’t remember what exactly it came with since it’s been about 4-5 months since I got this but I recall being pleasantly surprised and thankful that the quad had my beloved browns rather than brighter shades which I have a very small chance of using.

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Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury review+ astor

Product Description

Perfect combination of colors, from dazzling and matte to mysterious smoky designed to complement each others and create the perfect look thanks to makeup advice. The soothing and moisturizing formula enhances the luminous appearance of the eye area for a long-lasting wear without creasing or fading.


Vibrant color and dazzling sparkle for a dramatic look!

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Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury review+ astor cosmetics


  • Comfortable wear up to 9 hours
  • Soft and creamy texture
  • Crease resistant
  • Easy, even application
  • High color intensity



Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury review+ astor eyeshadows

Price: 6.95 pounds

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About the Astor Color Vision Quad in Luxury:

  • Colors: This quad comprises of 4 shades: a dark chocolate brown (satin finish) which is like a shiny version of MAC Embark, a taupe shade (satin finish), a light/ pale pink (frost finish)and a white(frost finish) which is like the less popular sibling of MAC Nylon.Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury review+ astor+ eyeshadow applicator
  • Pigmentation: I like only the 2 darker shades in this quad. They are high in pigmentation and show up really well on the lids. The 2 lighter shades are a bit disappointing. The white shade makes for a good highlighter, but pigmentation leaves a lot to be desired and I need to use a lot for it to work.  The light pink looks really dainty in the pan but somehow looks weird on the lids. It’s a tad bit chalky and the pink tint is so less that it might as well be equal to the 4th shade. You can even see from the swatches that the 2 shades look almost the same.
  • Texture: Except for the pale pink shade, all others are fluid and silky to touch. The pale pink is a bit chalky which takes away from the overall effect.

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Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury review+ astor quad

  • Staying Power: The top 2 shades stay on my lids for practically the entire day whereas the white shade which lacks in pigmentation doesn’t stay on for longer than 2hrs or so.


I wish this quad were a Duo with only the top 2 shades. I love taupes and ironically, this is the only taupe shade I have in my vanity. I’m planning to get another from Inglot or MAC soon…Any suggestions?

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Swatches Of Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury Quad:-


Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury review+ astor swatches

I usually use this taupe shade all over my lid and then use the dark brown in the crease. Or else, I use MAC Arena over my lid, use the Taupe from this quad in my crease and then use the darker brown to deepen it. Both ways look great.


I use the last shade (white) to highlight my browbone but I’ll be the first to admit it isn’t too good. I’d rather stick to MAC Nylon or MAC Arena for highlighting instead. I’ve tried using the pale pink in many ways but it looks hideous on me. It’s such an icy, frosty shade that I look like a ghost when I use it on my lids. Sometimes though, I just use it in the inner corners of my eyes but frankly that’s just so I can make some use out of it and not because I like it.

Astor Color Vision Quad Luxury review+ astor eyeshadow swatches

Here’s is how this looks on me. I have used the lighter tauper all over my lids and the dark brown in the crease as well as a liner 🙂 I didn’y want to use the highlighters but to gives you a better idea, I’ve used the pinky one in the inner corner of the eye and the white shade to highlight the browbone!

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astor eyeshadow quad review+ fotd

Here’s a close-up..astor eyeshadow quad review+ eotd

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What I love about the Astor Color Vision Quad in Luxury:

  • The top 2 shades are lovely.
  • Compact packaging and slim…so it can slip into my purse easily without eating up too much space
  • The neutral shades are well pigmented and easy to blend
  • Astor is totally against animal testing
  • It is said to contain Aloe Vera which is quite beneficial to the skin.
  • Comes with a dual sided applicator ( I don’t use it much but it would be helpful while travelling.
  • Inexpensive


What I dislike about the Astor Color Vision Quad in Luxury:

  • The 2 lighter shades are really sad. The pale pink is chalky and looks pasty whereas the white would have made a good highlighter except for the fact that the pigmentation sucks.
  • Availability is an issue. I hadn’t even heard of the brand before I got this.


Rating:  4/5

Have you tried this Astor Color Vision Quad?

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  1. But the EOTD is damn pretty Zee.. for champagne eyeshadow u can even find it in miss claire… eye shadow 0244 which is a perfect champagne.. its lovely! :beauty:

  2. Never heard of this brand 🙁
    Shade number 2 is very very pretty, and I just started wearing eyeshadow to office.. more of neutral ones…. so my love for eyeshadows is increasing slowly 😛

    Good Monday 🙂


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