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Astringents – What Is Astringent and Benefits

A famous ingredient astringent means  “to bind fast”.It helps in closing the pores of the skin.It is also effective in toning and firming the skin and daily use of astringent helps in achieving younger and healthy looking skin.

Astringent Benefits

Astringent has binding property of the chemicals which helps in firming the skin.Our very own calamine too have medicinal properties of astringent and that is why it is used in fungal infections too.

Astringent if  is used regularly cleanse and  tones the skin and helps in closing pores.It works wonderfully in  cleaning the excess oil from the skin and It is the oily skin which can reaps the most out of it by getting the healthy and younger looking skin.
Ideally an astringent should be used after taking bath and as most astringent are alcohol based therefore applying moisturizer after using  it  keep the skin moist.

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  1. astringents are a l’ll strong na ??.. i guess i’ll stick to my rose water and lotus tre tree gel 🙂

    btw anamika thanks for visiting my blog 🙂 do keep comments on them 🙂 me gng for vac next week would cm back and reply them all.. ok 🙂

  2. if you have oily skin then it is good but for dry skin it is not advisable.

    u going vaccii :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien: :alien:

    where ?

  3. I am doing good..enjoying the MAC product today..i am planing to watch a play today in evening..

    it has shabana azmi in it.

    wat abt you??

  4. No honey water is watery…so it comes in a bottle…like their cucumber water…

    I used to use these but stopped them :-(( cause I read somewhere if you use Astringent oon oily skin your skin will eventually become more oily cause alcohol strips off the oils whch sends message to the skin that it needs more oil and it secretes them in ABUNDANCE.. :pain: :pain:

  5. But Anu Biotique honey water is not for oily skin as per their you might want to skip that…their cucumber water is good for oilies..

  6. hey hold on gals, i just wana ask a basic question, i have super oily skin and in summers i become an oil producing factory. Have large pores on my cheeks. Do i need to use astringent then or normal toner? ?:-) ?:-) i’m using Lotus basiltone cucumber+basil toner now.


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