Auburn Hair Color: Celebrity Inspirations


Auburn Hair Color: Celebrity Inspirations

There are a lot of shades of red hair colors and auburn is one of them. Auburn is basically color with brown hues. This hair color is usually seen in people with light skin but you can make it your own thanks to commercially available hair colors. We love to look up to celebrities for beauty inspirations and hair color is no different. Here are some of the most popular celebs who have beautiful red mane!

Emma Stone

auburn hair color celebrity ideas

Her killer looks and amazing fashion sense are not the only things that we love about her. Emma keeps experimenting with her hair color and auburn hair suits her so well.

Katy Perry

katy perry auburn hair

I don’t think that any hair color post is complete without this sassy singer. Among many hues, Katy has flaunted auburn hair too and it definitely makes her look hot.

Kate Walsh

auburn hair color celebrities (1)

Red hair complements Kate’s beauty so well. Here she has styled her hair in a simple yet classy blowout.

Julia Roberts

auburn hair color celebrity inspiration

Definitely one of the prettiest women out there rocks red hair impeccably. See how her eyes and hair color match.

Ashlee Simpson

auburn hair color celebrities redheads

Ashlee used to have this perfect shade of auburn. Her hair is looking so sleek and shiny here. Keeping your red locks frizz free is something that you can learn from her.

Drew Barrymore

auburn hair color drew barrymore

Her red hair has chocolaty hues apart from brown. This is also a gorgeous color if you are looking to go auburn while keeping your hair a little dark.

Kristen Stewart

celebrities with auburn hair

Her hair is a fiery shade of red here. She has really pale skin and red color adds warmth to her looks making her look vibrant.

Lana Del Rey

celebrity redheads

Here is another perfect shade of auburn for you to get inspired. Lana’s shiny locks are really objects of envy.

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