Audrey’s Blush Brush Review


Audrey’s Blush Brush:

Heya friends

Blushes are so damn addictive right? My blush addiction is on its peak these days. The place where I am staying currently is a small town, where people apply blush only once, during their marriage. 😛 not a single friend of mine has blush here and once when I mentioned how awesome blushes are for that much desired glow, one of my friend said blush kya? Wo red rouge na :-O I cringed internally :-(. So I took the daunting task of making blush popular around here.


Audrey's blush brush review

So, one day while going for my friend’s birthday treat I mustered courage and applied blush and the very next day my Oriflame aunty sold 5 blushes. Quite a feat eh?? They all asked me to suggest a brush to apply it and I suggested my only blush brush, the one I will be reviewing today.

About Audrey’s Blush Brush:

There is nothing better than applying makeup with the right brush. Each of our brushes is uniquely designed to provide you beautiful, flawless coverage. The bristles of Audrey’s brushes are made with taklon which has microscopic pock marks that resembles natural hair.

Brush care: your Audrey’s brush should be washed frequently with a mild anti-bacterial soap. Massage a small amount of soap through the brush hair and rinse with warm water until completely clean. Reshape brush with fingers and air dry.

Price: INR 195.You can buy from here

Packaging : It comes in a plastic cover which has all the information printed on it. The brush itself is of black and silver colour with dark brown bristles. It looks quite good to me. it’s not at all cheap to look at. 🙂 I also like that additional plastic pouch that comes to retain the shape of the bristles and also to protect it from dust.


Audrey's brush blush

My experience with Audrey’s Blush Brush:

Since I was fairly new to blushes, I din want to splurge on a high end brush. When I came across this while browsing through an online website (this is so common these days na, I wonder if I can write it as my most fav. hobby in my resume?? Err, I guess not! 😛 ) I immediately picked it up.

These brushes are by the makers of roots (I guess they make comb n stuff). I totally adore this brush. It lives up to all the claims. The application actually becomes super easy with the help of this baby. I have been using it since 2 months now. I have washed it very frequently and no dearies it doesn’t shed hair at all.


Audrey's blush brush

At least someone doesn’t suffer from hair fall. Lucky Miss Audrey. 😉

Time for pros and cons

What I like about Audrey’s Blush Brush:

  • Densely packed bristles which make blending smooth.
  • No animal hair.
  • Apparently they are antibacterial, I don’t know how though. 😛
  • The packaging. Specially that plastic cap kind of thing that covers the bristles.
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn’t shed hair at all while washing and does NOT lose its shape also.
  • Super soft bristles. No pokey feeling. <3

What I don’t like about Audrey’s Blush Brush:

  • Miss Audrey is one complete woman with all the virtues intact. I am in love. 😐 no cons at all.

Final verdict: I heart this brush and would recommend it to everyone. And I am not talking about people with sigma and MAC brushes to flaunt * ignore*.:-P

Rating : 5/5 :-*

Have you tried Audrey’s Blush Brush?

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  1. Enjoyed reading every word Vandu! :rotfl: Super funny review :giggle: N i can totally identify with u on the “living in a small town” bit. :struggle: N congrats on ur feat…ur oriflame aunty should give u commission 😉

  2. Wo..thanks ya Vandi ..I wanted to pick this one badly last month but wasn’t sure…Now am gonna buy it happily..!! I agree with that “blush kyaa… wo red rouge naa” !! even I had similar experience with one of my buddies..! :-p 😉


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