Audrey’s Flower Sponge Review


Audrey’s Flower Sponge Review

A big hello to all,

Today I will be reviewing Audrey’s Flower Sponge which I bought 2-3 days back from a store nearby my place.

I picked this one because of the flower shape and the claim it made to enable makeup application on corners of the face.


Audrey’s Flower Sponge Review+bath and  accessories


Let’s quickly look at what the company has to say about these sponges.

About Audrey’s Flower Sponge:

Audrey’s blending sponges are made of hydrophilic polyurethane (water based biodegradable foam). Unlike other latex sponges available in the market they are non-flaking, odorless, non toxic, oil resistant and suited to all skin types. When moistened with water, these sponges expand in size giving you more surfaces to work with, making it excellent for makeup application and removal as well. They return to their original size when completely dry.

These high quality professional cleansing sponges/ wedges have easy to hold shapes to enable you to blend evenly and remove makeup quickly around the eyes, nose and other corners of your nose and other corners of your face.


Audrey’s Flower Sponge Details+bath accessories


Price: Rs 70.You can get it online.


  • Non-Latex
  • Oil resistant
  • Non Flaking
  • Hypo-allergic
  • Bio-degradable
  • Odorless


This flower shaped sponge comes in a transparent plastic lock pouch. The lock makes it easy to store as it is extremely hygienic and keeps dirt away from it.

What it looks like:

This is light peach in color and six sponges are attached to the center in the form of petals of a flower. However these sponges can be detached for use in removing makeup or applying foundation.


Audrey’s Flower Sponge Shape+accessories bath


My experience with Audrey’s Flower Sponge:

I initially had bought it for the purpose of applying foundation only but when I read all the instructions about it I thought of using it as a makeup removing sponge too…:-)

Well I have used it both ways just to be sure that the claims made by the company about these sponges don’t seem false.

As a makeup remover I was more than happy because it really removed every trace of makeup on my face…even round the corners of the eyes and nose…!! I didn’t try very hard to remove the eyeliner as it too went off easily. Amazing…!

While applying foundation it was very handy to use because of the unique shape of the sponge. I am more than happy with this purchase.


Audrey’s Flower Sponge thickness+accessories set


Then comes the cleaning of the sponge which too was an easy task to do. It claims to expand in size when moistened with water which to some extent is not true. Only a slight difference in size is there. And yes, it does remain the same after washing and drying.

What I like about Audrey’s Flower Sponge:

  • Attractive flower shape
  • Pocket friendly
  • Plastic lock packaging
  • Hygienic
  • Easy to use
  • Lives up to the claims made
  • Petal shape is very handy to use
  • Reaches corners of the face (eyes & nose)

What I don’t like about Audrey’s Flower Sponge:

  • Shape remains same when moistened with water

Truly speaking, this is the only thing which proved wrong about the product. I have no other con for this fabulous sponge. 🙂

Product Rating: 4.5 /5

Will I repurchase/recommend?

Yes, I will recommend this sponge to all you beautiful ladies to try out.

I am definitely going to pick it again. 🙂

Have you tried Audrey’s Flower Sponge?Which Sponge is your favourite?




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