Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion Review


Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion

What is the first thought in your mind when I say the word summer? Isn’t it- sunburn, tanning, ageing skin or skin cancer? It is so evident that most of us would never step out of our homes without a sunscreen. With so many sunscreens in the market which promise to offer protection against UVA-UVB rays & are laden with so many ingredients, how do we know whether the sunscreen is a physical or chemical sunscreen? And if one sunscreen protects against sunburns does it also protect against ageing and skin cancer? Phew, so many never ending questions!!

We need protection against two types of UV (ultraviolet) rays-

  • UV-A which penetrates deeply into the skin and can lead to cancer & premature skin aging.
  • UV-B which causes tanning & burning of skin.


Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion Review+skin lightening


I am always in a look out for a sunscreen which would protect against both UVA-UVB rays. I have been an ardent fan of Neutrogen sun block, but we girls do need some variety. I chanced upon Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun Block Lotion at the Aura Vedic counter in Phoenix mall in Pune and quickly purchased it. My intention was to compare it with my all time favorite Neutrogena sun block and to see how it worked on my skin.

Ingredients: How well a sunscreen is depends on its ingredient list. The ingredient list begins with few natural names, followed by chemicals. Let us look at some of them. Benzophenone absorbs short UVA, Octyl Methoxy Cinnamate absorbs limited UVA & extensive UVB, Titanium Dioxide offers protection from UVB & short UVA radiation but not long wave UVA. So overall, this sunscreen provides good UVB protection and quite less UVA because Titanium Dioxide is listed at the end of the ingredient list and hence is present at a lower percentage.



Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion Review Details+best sunscreen for face


  • Packaging: It is an ordinary plum transparent bottle with a silver colored twist up cap. The mouth of the bottle is wide and has a stopper. Whenever you need to use the sunscreen, you have to remove the stopper, which is quite a task as the stopper is quite tight. I tried to pierce a hole through the stopper; but the sunscreen is so thick that it just refused to come out through the hole. The bottle is travel friendly. The stopper does a good job of keeping the sunscreen in the bottle itself, hence no spillage!


Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion Review package+best face sunscreen


How I use it: I am absolutely clueless as to why this sunscreen is called a lotion. Isn’t lotion suppose to be something that is easy to spread and isn’t too thick?  This sunscreen is thick, so much that I have to jerk the bottle many times to get it out. Using this ‘lotion’ is a huge task. Because of the thick consistency it is extremely to blend. For good sun protection, about half teaspoon of sunscreen should be used & with this amount it would take good 10mins for the sunscreen to blend. This sunscreen never left a whitish cast on my face hence no brightening for me but I looked as if I had a layer of oil on my face. So, I restricted its use on hands only. The smell of this sunscreen is weird. It doesn’t smell of oranges (ingredient list mentions Orange Fragrance), but like some chemical. The good part is that the smell doesn’t linger when the sunscreen is applied.


Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion Review hand swatch+lotion reviews


What I like about Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion:

  • Contains few natural ingredients
  • SPF 30+
  • No animal testing

What I didn’t like about Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion:

  • Packaging
  • Leaves skin greasy
  • Smell
  • Takes a long time to blend into the skin

Price: Rs 200 for 100ml

Availability: Online and in Aura Vedic counters in some malls.

Rating: 2.5/5

My Recommendation: I wouldn’t repurchase this sunscreen. It leaves my skin greasy which is a complete no-no in hot climate. I will stick to the tried and tested Neutrogena sun block. But then, this is just me. Aura Vedic sunscreen might just work for you if you are have dry skin and don’t mind some hydration along with sun protection.

Have you tried Aura Vedic Pure Brightening Sun block Lotion?

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  1. Too much of butters – kokum , mango – it can be okay for the body maybe in winters – but this will not suit me sighs. I hate sunscreen for this reason. It always makes me greasy , feels heavy – and the vichy ones are rather expensive 😛

  2. i too have it.. but never tried it… now thinking even to try it or not 😛
    good revu… i’ll too finish it off by using it for hands n feet..

  3. I had bought this last year, n i was really dissappointed with it, it was moisturising no doubt but it took lots of time to get absorbed, n i used sweat like hell with this, it never used prevent tanning!However the destressing moisturiser of auravevic is my fav, i am on 3rd bottle now

  4. it gave me breakouts so finished up on body…it was not bad.the cloying earthy citrus scent was great at first but hated it later…..

  5. Hi, Ana.

    Want to ask you that as a moisturizer in any season, can i use aroma treasures sunscreen lotion spf 20 ?? Pls suggest me…..i have red swelling on my nose and chicks..and having mix skin type on my face….


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