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The thing that I like about most Aura Vedic products is that they do not make very tall claims. What I generally like is that the products are mostly accurate in the area they are targeted at. For example, take the restructuring oil, which is the object of my attention today. The restructuring oil is supposed to do the following: “Repairs, renews and replenishes damaged hair over time. Pure botanical extracts provides deep conditioning and restores moisture balance from root to ends. With pure extracts of brahmi, neelibribringadi & seaweed.”

Aura Vedic Restructuring Oil Review+hair fall treatment

  • Quantity: 100 ml.
  • Price: 250/-

Okay, the product, on the Goodlife site looks like it’s a clear oil. However, there is something written there – The product is available in two ranges.The one available will be shipped to you.

I think when I got my package, I got a little shock to see that instead of the clear yellow coloured thing I was supposed to see, I saw a dark green oil in a clear, flip-top bottle.

Aura Vedic Restructuring Oil Package+hair care oil

I do not like packaging much. It is too flimsy, and oil spills a bit from it, coating the sides. Not a good thing to carry around.

The oil smells quite strangely of coconut oil and herbs. I have to say this out loud – coconut oil is not my best friend. However, in this case, it does not do me any harm, so I will not totally hate it.

Aura Vedic Restructuring Oil Key Ingredients+hair fall

I carefully apply this about 15 minutes before taking a bath, massage it from the roots to the tips of my hair, and then wash it off. It does weigh down my hair and turns it greasy if I am not careful, so I make it a point to wash my hair twice to get rid of all the oil from my hair. However, I did not see a bit of reduction to hair fall after using this pretty much every time I shampooed for the last few days. Also, it does make my hair less frizzy and also adds a lot of shine to it.

It is not the oil, but what happened to it right after I got it is possibly my problem. In Kolkata, the weather is hovering around 14-15 degrees, and well, my oil froze. Like coconut oil freezes in winter.

Aura Vedic Restructuring Oil Details+treatment for hair fall

And then it was very difficult to get it out of the damn bottle unless I took off the cap, dipped the end of a spoon inside and picked some out, then warmed it on my palm, and then used it. I know, this means that the product is probably chock-full with natural stuff, but I am lazy. So, yes, well… there you go!

Aura Vedic Restructuring Oil Hand Swatch+hairloss products

So yes, the oil is so-so, in my opinion. It does not do much to my hair apart from reducing my hair fall a bit and giving it some shine. However, as it is full of natural ingredients, those of you who want to use a product with natural stuff in it can give it a whirl.

What I like about Aura Vedic Restructuring Hair Oil:-

  • No Parabens
  • All natural ingredients
  • Makes my hair shiny
  • Reduces hair fall slightly

What I don’t like about Aura Vedic Restructuring Hair Oil:-

  • Flimsy packaging
  • Freezes in the cold
  • Strong fragrance

Rating: 3/5

Verdict: I am not sure if I will repurchase. Although this does not contain any mineral oils and that might make a lot of people happy.

Have you tried Aura Vedic Restructuring Hair Oil ?

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  1. Poorna what I do is microwave the oil bottle(only for plastic bottles,no metal) for 30 seconds for a warm oil massage.All these natural products take some time to show result but good in the long run :-))


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