Auravedic Natural Rose Bath Salt Review


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Bath Salts are the latest trend that is a rage this summer. If you are a regular reader of Wiseshe, you must have read the post on Various ways to use bath salts. And if you were impressed by those uses, let me tell you about a good bath salt. Let me introduce you to Auravedic Natural Rose Bath Salt which is one of the best bath salts I have used. Interested to know more? Scroll down.

Product Info

Auravedic Bath salts are packed with healthy minerals. To transform a bath into a luxurious and therapeutic experience, the use of aromatic salts or aromatherapy will create an atmosphere of sensuality and relaxation. Soothe and comfort your body by soaking in a warm bath. Soaking in this salt helps balance moisture in the skin and body, cleans pores, soothes skin and relaxes muscles. Infused with a therapeutic blend of essentials oils to rejuvenate both body and mind.’=

Price- INR 250 for 250 gm. (I got it for INR 199 from Amazon)

My Experience with Auravedic Natural Rose Bath Salt 

Packaging- The Auravedic Rose Bath salt comes in a tall, plastic transparent bottle with a screw cap. All the necessary information regarding the product including a detailed ingredient list is written on the bottle which makes it a very convenient product to use. The bottle is quite tall and so if you want to travel, it will be a good option to transfer into a small jar. Overall, the bath salt has a very beautiful packaging which definitely gets a big yes!

Texture & Fragrance- The bath salt smells like a rose which is really strong so many won’t like the smell. The texture is little grainy but is really mild and can be used on sensitive skin too.

Performance- The Auravedic Bath Salt is a great bath salt which can be used both as a body scrub and as an after bath body rinse. This smells exactly like roses and so many who don’t like rose smell may not like it that much (I love the smell though). It gives a relaxing feel to the skin and keeps the body fragrant for a long period of time. The bath salt has original, dried rose petals into it with loads of essential oils that makes the bath salt even more effective. The product is appropriate for sensitive skin as well.


What I Like about Auravedic Natural Rose Bath Salt 

  • Smells heavenly like a garden of roses
  • Presence of real rose petals makes the product worth
  • Gives a relaxing feel to the body and mind
  • Keeps the body fragrant for a long period of time
  • Can be used as an after bath rinse
  • Has original rose petals as well as various essential oils
  • Comes with the goodness of sea salt
  • Safe for sensitive skin users


What I Don’t Like about Auravedic Natural Rose Bath Salt 

  • Too coarse to be used as a body scrub
  • Availability is an issue offline


Yes, I surely do especially during summer months when our skin needs a dose of freshness and relaxation.




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