Aurita Naturals Moisturizer Almond Sunflower Review

  • Product claims: A light touch moisturizer. This moisturizing blend of essential fatty acids from almonds and sunflowers revitalizes and replenishes dehydrated skin. Infused with aloevera and Shea butter, this moisturizer alleviates dryness and improves suppleness.

Aurita+Natural+Moisturiser+review+sensitive skin moisturizer

  • Minimally processed
  • No chemical alterations
  • Food quality additives
  • Size: 100 ml
  • Price: 105 /-

Ingredients of Aurita Naturals Moisturizer 


  • Almond improves complexion and retains glow, moisturizes better and deeper.
  • Sunflower is conditioning, nourishing, moisturizing, protective and anti-inflammatory.
  • Aloevera is beneficial for skin. It acts as a natural barrier and shields our skin from dangerous toxins.
  • Shea butter evens skin tone & returns luster. It gets absorbed quickly without leaving greasy residue. It moisturizes, protects, revitalizes, softens & maintains skin moisture. Naturally rich in vitamins A, E & F which are some essential vitamins needed for good skin balance. It penetrates deep into skin to help restore elasticity.

How to use the moisturiser – Spread all over face in dots and gently massage in.

What I like about Aurita Naturals Moisturiser Almond Sunflower 

  • The price is reasonable. I got it from Vogue magnet. It was part of a package.
  • It smells nice (a normal lotion kind of smell)
  • The bottle has a pump, hence easy to use.
  • Just 2-3 pumps are more than enough for face and neck.
  • Its consistency is watery so it spreads easily.

I massage it for hardly a minute and it disappears in the skin leaving it smooth, supple and matte. The effect stays for around 8-9 hours. This happens in cool temperatures. I can’t really say about summers. I guess dry skinned girls can use it in summers and others in winters. By winters I mean winters of Rajasthan. I can’t say about the freezing temperatures of Himachal. Basically it’s a perfect moisturizer for me.

Aurita moisturizer almond sunflower review+Oil free moisturiser review

  • It claims to be minimally processed and having food quality additives.
  • The lotion contains the goodness of almond, aloe and sunflower.

What I do not like about Aurita Naturals Moisturizer 

  • As far as I know, it is only available online.
  • Complete list of ingredients is not given. I would have loved to know more about the “food quality additives”

Verdict:  This is a good product to be tried out. A reasonably priced, caring moisturizer for combination, oily skinned ladies in cool temperatures .

Rating  – 3/5

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  1. I want to get this one.. :tap-dance: good its available online coz nowadays most of shop for everything online.. its easier that way since i dont have to hunt down the entire city for what i want.. 😀

  2. I’ve used its diamond facial kit & hair oil & shampoo. Oil & shampoo was too good. Priced reasonably so u can try at least once to check the suitability.
    Good luck!
    And yes always try to use domestic products as much as u can.

  3. hi ashu, i’ve used AURITA moisturiser. it’s amazing. but , hw could i purchase this one. plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me. 🙂


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