Aurita Vino Therapy Facial Kit Review


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What the product claims: – Anti oxidation slows ageing, enhances and firms skin texture, replenishes radiance and improves capillary circulation.

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  • Size:    350 gm (net weight)
  • Price:  Rs. 650/- (I got it at almost half price from Vogue Magnet)

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  • Grapes have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Grapes promote collagen and elastin fibers.
  • Glycerin acts as a humectant, attracting water to the skin to restore suppleness.
  • Khus water removes dryness from skin.
  • Wheatgerm extract is rich in vitamin E and antioxidants and benefits the skin in every way.
  • Soya increases the elasticity and thickness of and stimulates collagen and helps slow the early onset of wrinkles. Soya prevents the sagging of skin by inhibiting enzymes that wear down the proteins necessary to maintain healthy skin structure.
  • Avocado oil contains loads of vitamins and minerals, promotes collagen production.
  • Wintergreen oil accelerates healing of skin disorders and acts as a natural softener readily absorbed by the skin.

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My experience:  I am always on the search of a perfect facial kit and I can confidently say that if I could design a customized facial kit for me, it would have been similar to this to a large extent.

1. Nano lipid serum: It foams slightly after applying and almost disappears into the skin after few minutes massage. The consistency is runny and the serum looks beautiful with tiny shimmers. The skin feels smooth, and has this super glow after usage.

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2. Poly plant detox scrub: The consistency is creamy. It has the perfect grainy texture which doesn’t scratch the skin and cleans it effectively.  I totally loved it. It burns slightly.

3. Anti oxidation gel: It’s a thick, transparent gel which is little hard to massage. After massage the skin feels so fresh.

4. Multi vitamin gel: This gel has a fluffy texture and smells so nice.  It burns slightly.

5. Soya protein cream: It’s a light and smooth cream.

6. Sparkle grape pack: The pack is easy to spread. It burns for a minute or so.

So these were the basics. Now coming to the pros and cons:

The pros

1. After the facial, skin feels plumper, fresher and cleaner. There is a glow, which stays for 2-3 days.

2. Once I got wine facial at a parlour and after that I was totally hooked. This facial reminds me of huge green fields of big, fat grapes.

3. The best thing I liked about this kit was that everything was in small tubs instead of sachets. I really don’t like cutting the sachets and then using stuff. Separate containers are better for me.

4. The price is very reasonable.

5. Very little quantity is needed each time. I have used it around 5-6 times and you can see the containers are almost full.

6. Aurita products are vegetarian and animal friendly.

7. Just look at the multi vitamin gel, soya cream, grape pack….. It all sounds so nourishing for the skin.

8. I have normally oily skin and sometimes combination kinds. This kit didn’t make me breakout nor did it felt oily.

The cons:

1. The availability is the biggest problem.

2. The process is way too long. I mean who has the time or energy to massage 3 creams. But I have discovered a way around. Now I use any one of them. I even use them separately as in sometimes I only massage soya cream and use any pack. So I don’t consider it such big a problem.

Overall it’s a nice kit and I would purchase it after this one finishes.

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  1. i am very confused about your verdict becos in the pros you have some nice stuff to say but the overall verdict says otherwise..did you like it or hate it? will you repurchase?

    • hi guys. really sorry for my mistake. i had saved an old file wit “save as ” command and then deleted the old data but somehow a part was left. really sorry

  2. wow…thnx for review i got it as a gift hamper from…lets c how is it…i also got diamond kit along vid it…hows dat?????i got both for just rs 160 wow


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