Aurita Wild Carrot Oil Review


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Product claims: Exotic, non sticky oil which imparts extra glow. Gives pristine shine and radiance to the skin. It’s very beneficial  in anti wrinkle treatments.

Minimally processed

No chemical alterations

Food quality additives

aurita carrot oil reviews+Carrot oil reviews+Carrot oil

  • Size: 100 ml
  • Price: 200 /-

aurita carrot oil reviews+Carrot oil +Aurita product reviews


Carrot seed oil has a formative effect on the epidermal skin cells, stimulating cell growth and is therefore an excellent ingredient to use in products aimed to rejuvenate tired, aged, dehydrated and damaged skin, as well as traumatized skin. Carrot seed oil also assists in removing toxin and water build up in the skin giving it a fresher more firm appearance.Carrot seed essential oil is one on the most reviving and also regenerating natural oils which could be utilized in skincare and also assists to improve the tone, since it helps to remove toxic build-up inside the pores and skin as well as eliminates excess water in the tissue.

Lavender tones the skin, helps in sorting out a variety of skin problems like acne.

How to use – Mix with cream/scrub/pack and apply. Massage gently on skin for direct anti wrinkle treatment.

My experience: I had always heard about the benefits of carrot oil for acne. So when I saw it as the part of a package at Vogue Magnet, I grabbed the opportunity.  Really sorry for the useless photos, but the bottle is transparent so nothing is easy to read.

The pros:

carrot oil aurita reviews+oil reviews+carrot oil+body oil reviews

I got it at an astronomically low price. It was a part of a hamper worth 270/-. There were 3 products in total. So it came really cheap.

It’s a handy, flip cap bottle which makes it easy to carry and use.

The smell is very light so wont disturb senses.

I add 2-3 drops to scrub/pack/ cream and it works just fine. It’s not so sticky so not a trouble for my oily skin.

The effect could be defined as increasing the benefit of whatever you are using. Like if the pack is 80% effective for you, then after adding this it’ll be 90% beneficial.  I know it’s a weird way to tell the effect but I felt this way only.

I have heard a lot about the benefits of carrot oil for controlling wrinkles. So anybody going for that thing can try this.

The cons:

Availability is the biggest issue as I haven’t seen the brand anywhere in person. Online I saw it just for a few days at Vogue Magnet. They do have their own website “Aurita herbals” so anyone interested can mail and ask.

I didn’t see any mind blowing difference in my skin.

The claim of it being non sticky is not true. It’s not “I am oil” kind of sticky, but still is lil sticky.

Verdict:  This is the kind if product   which makes me feel better. I just think that I am taking extra care of my skin. I have acne prone skin so if it’s helping somehow in controlling it a little, then it’s quite a lot for me. So I am using this bottle quire regularly. I might get it again if I see wild carrot oil somewhere.

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  1. Ashu, i bot their serum and sunscreen…its utter useless. Yes there is a problem in availability, can get them only at snapdeal and my order was messed up 3 times..and i for fedup with it. Serum is just water nothing else…does nothing. sunscreen gives good matte finish but also leaves whitish cast….i look lik a ghost after using the sunscreen…

  2. Hi Dhanu..Thanx for your frank comments on Aurita Herbals products. Firstly about the availability: The products are available at snapdeal, fashion and you, 99 labels, urban touch, Secondly the serum is made out of tea tree, aloe vera and useful anti oxidants, so it would not be very wise to say that its nothing but water. After every spray there will be a visible reduction in oil and a visible fairness on skin. Very helpful for oily skin types. Thirdly the the sunscreen will give a matt effect but for people with dark complexion, a very mild quantity of sunscreen should be used as they are less prone to sunburn and would not end up looking like ghosts. If there is anything else that we could help with it would be a pleasure.


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