Avene Thermal Spring Water Review


The Avène thermal spring water takes a 40 year slow journey underground through the Cévennes Mountains and is enriched with precious minerals and trace elements. It has a low mineral content (207mg/l) and therefore respects the natural balance and the sensitivity of the skin without causing dehydration or irritation like other high mineral content thermal waters.

Avene is bacteriologically pure, with a neutral PH (7.5) and rich in silica (14mg/l) which soothes sensitive skin. It’s soothing properties have been demonstrated by more than 600 clinical observations in France.  These Dermatological Laboratories have developed a line of dermo-cosmetic products that are all formulated with Avène Thermal Spring Water, ideal for normal to the most sensitive skin.

Use Avène Thermal Spring Water every morning as the first part of your beauty care routine and then throughout the day whenever your skin is irritated, or simply to refresh your skin.

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Avene Thermal Spring Water Price – INR800 for 150ml

  • Available in 3 sizes: 50ml, 150ml and 300ml.

avene thermal spring water review+avene thermal spring water price

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Avene Thermal Spring Water Ingredients:-

Unique Constant Composition

  • Sourced directly from the Avene Thermal Springs
  • Bacteriologically pure
  • Rich in silica (14mg/l)
  • Rich in trace-elements
  • Low mineral content (207 mg/l)
  • Bicarbonated profile, calcium & magnesium
  • pH 7.5
  • Preservative free


  • Health and beauty benefits
  • Soothes and calms sensitive skin
  • Suitable for all degrees of sensitivity
  • Offers instant relief
  • Gentle enough for use on face and body
  • Suitable for infants and adults

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 My experience with Avene Thermal Spring Water:-

I had read some amazing reviews of Avene thermal water and i was waiting for my pregnancy to get over so that i could try it out.  Although it is meant for sensitive facial skin they even reccomend it for baby rash.  I was a little apprehensive so I decided to give it a try after I delivered.  Pregnancy does affect the hormones and also the skin.

I have been using this product every night before I sleep and in the morning my skin really feels hydrated.  After spraying the thermal water on my face I use a cotton pad to spread it all over my face like a toner.  Moment I spray it, it  calms my skin down gives me an amazingly refreshed feeling.  I don’t have a problem with acne but this product claims to prevent break outs too.  It did not cause any breakouts one my face.

avene thermal spring water ingredients+avene thermal spring water for acne

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I am planning to use it when my daughter grows a little more.  She’s just 2 months old now and I am a little skeptical about using it on her delicate skin.   I have now started going for walks and the humidity disturbs the PH value of my skin.  So once I am back I generally spray it all the redness and the skin inflamation vanishes.  When it’s very humid and my skin gets excessively oily, I skip the moisturiser and only spray this over.  It still keeps my skin hydrated.

avene thermal spring water spray +avene thermal spring water ingredients

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What I like about Avene Thermal Spring Water:-

  • I Love the cool feeling
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Bacteriologically pure
  • Ideal for normal to sensitive skin
  • It’s a great product for those who are travelling especially in summer.
  • Although it’s just water it definitely does more than that.
  • I also use to set my makeup now days when it is hot and humid
  • The product is expensive specially if you feel it’s water but with it’s multipurpose use it’s definitely worth buying it

What I don’t like about Avene Thermal Spring Water:-

  • Expensive
  • Limited availability

Have you tried Avene Thermal Spring Water?

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