Avène Very High Protection Spray 50+ For Sensitive Skin Review


Avene Very High Protection Spray 

This is the first time I tried spray sunscreen and I am so so impressed with it. I don’t know about other spray sunscreens but this one suits me to a T. It has  SPF 50+ therefore its best to be used by those who spend a lot of time outside or are into any kind of sports.

Avene very high protection spray for sensitive skin

About Avène Very High Protection Spray 50+ For Sensitive Skin :-

Broad UVA/UVB protection. Excellent tolerance. Photo-stable. Very water resistant. Easy to apply

Price – $20

Ingredients - Contains mineral screen, organic screen, Minimum amount of chemical filters, Invisible and fluid texture, Paraben free

How To Use -Before sun exposure, apply enough sunscreen(for example an average of six spraying on an adult forearm)

sunscreen spray for sensitive skin

Spray is very light in consistency and when you will shake it you will realize that it has almost water like consistency. It’s so light in texture that with in few seconds it glides into the skin and is not visible. I experienced no white caste or any kind of break outs with it.

I am not able to precisely pin-point but it has some what powdery fragrance which is not long lasting..Best thing is it is waterproof (Hello swimmers !) and it’s sweat proof as well.

Avene sunscreen SPF 50+

No oil shine, no white caste and after application almost invisible. Spray bottle packaging makes it easier for me to use it on hands and legs. Although it’s a long bulky bottle and  this is the reason I don’t prefer taking it along while traveling.


Summing it up

What I like about Avene Very High Protection Spray 50+ For Sensitive Skin:-


  • Spray bottle sturdy packaging.
  • SPF50+ protection .Great for those who are into sports, swimming or street shopping under the sun for long hours :p
  • Will suit sensitive skin
  • Doesn’t white caste and spreads out easily just like a lotion.
  • Mild fragrance
  • It’s not greasy and absorbs with in seconds.
  • Feels as if I have nothing on my skin .Yes ! It’s so light.
  • Keeps skin hydrated
  • Will suit both oily as well dry skin.Dry skin might need little more moisturizer with it .
  • Provides 50+SPF Broad UVB and UVA protection.
  • Doesn’t crease or breakout.
  • I am planning to use it  in the coming months when I go for swimming. Hopefully ! I will get the time for it:P .Those who swim must be knowing that most sunscreens just melt out in water. There was only Aroma magic sunscreen which has been discontinued which worked on me. I was looking for sunscreen which will work under water as well and this one seems to be the one as it’s completely water resistant.


What I do not like about Avene Very High Protection Spray 50+


  • I don’t use sunscreen which is above SPF 30+ on my face therefore this one I use on hands and legs mostly when I go out for long.Albeit it works on face perfectly fine.
  • It’s bulky and not travel friendly .
  • On the expensive side but will last for two months easily.
  • Avene products are not easily available. I have seen them on strawberry.net though and heard that Avene thermal water is available in medical stores as well.


Avène Very High Protection Spray SPF 50+ 200ml


One Avene product which I swear by is Avene Thermal Spring water.I have bought it for the third time and I think I am addicted to it.


Have you tried Avene Very High Protection Spray 50+?

 Wise She Rating – 4/5

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  1. Shivangi try the health n glow outlets which stockvichy.. I have seen it there .. In mumbai .. :
    Lokhandwala chemist, lokhandwala conplex
    Health n glow lokhandwala complex

    • got it from strawberry.net .heard that its available in medical stores as well..

      Down south one can see them in Health and glow stores..

      sorry people ! wont reply to every body’s comments ..My baby is not well ..probably is having measles ..i m not in the right mood today..

      my team and friends…Riya, chandni, shweta, MBP will take care of you.


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