Avocado A Source Of Hair Nourishment


Avocado A Source Of Hair Nourishment

Avocados are a natural source of Vitamin B and Vitamin E which are essential for healthy hair growth. The natural essence of avocados lies in their effectiveness on hair loss which is one of the biggest problems of today’s modern world. As it is full of stress and depressing lifestyles.

Belonging to historic pages of Egypt, Avocados come with good content of Vitamin K and Potassium along with moderate part of Vitamin C which is a necessary nutrient for human hair and skin.

Lack of nutrients in food as well as daily chores like hair and skin care make the case worse for people. Early ageing, greying of hair, wrinkled skin, hair loss, lack of sleep etc are all the outcomes of such a hectic lifestyle.


Avocados Usage

Avocados can be used as hair mask, hair conditioner or even as an ingredient to be used with olive oil. Its usage and elasticity of usage is becoming popular among masses today.

Avocado as conditioner

Avocado specially when used as conditioner makes the hair less frizzy and prevents breakage. The dryness is also taken care of due to its creamy nature.

Avocado as Hair Mask

avocado hair care mask

When used as a hair mask, avocado can be used with egg to form a thick paste which when applied to hair adds the essentials like Vitamin B and E with richness of protein as given by egg. This together improves the PH Balance of hair and regular usage enhances the growth and shine.

Avocado as Oil

Avocado can add essential quantity of vitamins B and E along with strength to hair in the form of its creamy inside when mixed with Olive oils.

The major benefit of Avocados is that they lead to effective hair growth as the usage leads to fall in hair to a great extent. Also, the new hair that are grown are rich in nutrients. Avocados provide strength, prevent breakage, lead to shine and make hair look longer and beautiful than ever before.

Avocado as Raw fruit

Even if Avocado is mashed and used directly on hair and scalp, its natural juices help in revitalization of hair, add smoothness and reduce the dandruff.

Amongst various uses, an Avocado mask used with lemon juice is also a cure for the major hair concern in humans i.e. Dandruff. The biotin content makes the avocado a rich and potential source to improve your hair to give them a long and strengthened life.

Avocado Face Mask

Avocados have been quite successful in improving the itchy scalp, removing the dryness or frizzy nature of hair.

Moreover, Avocado is also a natural resistant to sun burn and hence going out in the sun is also not a major concern once you start applying avocado in your hair.


To conclude, Avocados are overall nutritious for the human body. They not only benefit the hair, but the skin and eyes. They are beneficial to cure diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Avocados are also useful in curing some form of cancers like mouth cancer which is a dangerous disease. Therefore, the overall benefit compared to the cost of avocados is quite low and there is no comparison of this fruit to the expensive hair treatments that we usually subject our hair to. We should encourage the use of this fruit to maintain a healthy life not only for our hair but for ourselves.

So whats your take on Avocado as a source of hair nourishment?

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