Avocado Face Scrub – Vedic Line Exfo 10 Avocado Face Scrub Review


Hello all! Today, I want to review the Exfo 10 Avocado face scrub from Vedic Line. Recently, I got hooked to Vedic Line products, lured by the term that they contain no Parabens. But, are they really better than the rest? They are available at Urbantouch for a good price, and I am trying out quite a few of their products, so next few days, bear with me as I speak about them, okay??

Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub Review+glycolic acid peel scrub

 About Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub:-

Gentle on skin, removes unhealthy cells and purifies. Formulated with fine scrub grains, Avocado Oil, Amino Fruits Acid & Glycolic Acid to polish and freshen, so absorption of nutrients becomes convenient.


  • Price: INR 175/-
  • Quantity: 75 ml

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The good thing about the packaging of Vedic Line’s face scrub is that it comes in a tube with a flip top cap, my favourite thing, because its way more hygienic and easy for me to use. Apart from that, I find the package sturdy enough for me to handle. It does not leak out at all.

I opened the top and poured a bit of it on the back of my hand, and used a fingertip to rub it. Well, I did not see any difference to my skin after I’ve washed it, except that my skin is slightly oily when I use it. The scent of this is pleasant and mild, reminds me of the walnut scrub from Himalaya, if I am not mistaken.

The product contains Sodium Lauryl Sulphate btw.

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Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub Review+scrub for dry skin

Inside, the face scrub has a creamy texture with big granules.

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Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub Review+herbal face remedies for dry skin skin

Now, this is my first gripe about the scrub that the grains are perhaps too harsh and it irritates my skin.  The other problem is, it is VERY creamy and that means… you get it… zits for me.

I used this twice, and I have woken up twice the next morning with a zit. Actually, in the second case, with two zits which did not make me happy at all.

Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub Review+scrub with natural oils avocado

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So the scrub is now being used as my manicure scrub, because I find the grains too big for me. Also it does nothing for my blackheads or whiteheads, and it is really not purifying for me.

What I like about Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub Review:-

  • Nice, uncomplicated packaging
  • Travel friendly
  • Mild scent

What I don’t like about Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub Review:-

  • Creamy texture… which is bad news for combination skins. Dry skinned girls will probably thrive on this
  • Breaks me out
  • Big grains… harsh on my skin
  • Does not clean my skin or purifies my skin as it claims

Ratings: 2/5

Will I Repurchase:  Nope.

Verdict:  The product is not good for my skin at all… am using some products to remove the effect it has had on me… namely, the zits.

Have you tried Vedic Line Exfo 10 Face Scrub?

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  1. ugh i hate really creamy scrubs..instead of makin my skin feel fresh it’ll feel oily..definitely staying away from this..thanks for reviewing it poorna 🙂

  2. yeah like the hair retarder was very good..got my bhalu sister :p to but it after reading gulaboz(hee hee) review..thanks wiseshe we can buy products that actually work n stay way from the duds :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  3. 🙁 i knw even my skin and cream based scrubs are a disaster together 😕 poorna u can try this as foot scrub na 😀 😀 😀 Morning gals !! :dance-left-right:

  4. ha ha yeah..im so glad shez busy with her marriage shopping n dsnt spend time checkin out reviews nowadaysso wont c it :x..lool upsi!…most guys have such awesome leggies too na….ha ha kya kya banaya upsi..she made my mouth water :drool:..aur aur mujhe bhi PCOS hai..but i try not to think abt it too much 😐

    • yea i knw.. pcos is common nowadays.. the lifestyle, eating disorders, and adulterated stuff has made us all prone to so many lifestyle diseases !! Jitna bhi acha khane ki koshish kro, we end up with these things 😐

      i knw boys have hott legs hot bodies 😉 u like clean shave boys ka ? ? :laugh: chikna :))

    • Nw mujhe dar lag ra hn…..as i hv irregular periods.. nd m over weight too 🙁
      how u guys gt 2 knw that u have PCOS 😐 😐 ?:-) ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

      • if u hv irregular periods, its better u consult ur doc, she/he might ask u to get ultrasound done,, usse pta chal jaega 🙂 PCOS is very common these days aaayu.. its better to get ur diagnosis.. don’t want to scare u though.. :giggle:

  5. yeah thats how i got to know to..plus this bloody facial hair x(..drives me nuts..he he no noooo chiknu types..i keep lemming my boo to gi for a waxing session juz to tease him bt naw not the chiknus..i like a real maaan lmao..no tht doesnt mean i like a bhalu.:D …ahem ahem his older brother is single n he likes chandi chicks ahem ahem

  6. he he extra sensitive..tell me about it….lol A aapka asar ho gaya hai :heart:..chalo gotta go.. :(..such a task goin out in this heat :(..take care babea..aur haan agae koi delhi aaya aur mere seh nahi milke jayega to meri katti 🙁

    • salma u stay in banglore :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup: ……its a nice place ,my sis told me……oooo i love exploring new places….. 🙂

      • yes its been great for the last 1week… its really windy as in the typical Bangalore weather.. :yippee: :dance-left-right: jus before barish.. its awesome… come to bangalore i wil b ur guide n u can help me buy makeup n give tutions.. :silly: :-))

        • buy makeup & give tutions????????? 😯 :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:
          m a no makeup person…. u checked my post yesterday????? ?:-) :-/
          nd i already gt warning frm rick nd ana to start makeup 😀 😀
          arre we wil make a list with the help of wiseshe and khoob saari shopping karenge 🙂 🙂
          i really want to come der…searching job ….. 😐

          • ya ayushi i read it… great makeover.. forgot to comment 😛 .. n ya.. we shud make a list… n come for vacation!!! 🙂

          • hehehe.. weather here is jus awesomeeeeeeeeeee…. 😛 :chic: but gud its hot there.. gud for u n ur baby to come… no tension o warm clothin n al.. 😛

  7. u know what?..we guys should totally do a wiseshe get together n get crazy noodles(my favy restraunt) to sponsor it 😀


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