Avon’s Dual Ended Lipstick & Lipgloss L06 Review


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Hi beauties !

Today I’m going to evaluate Avon’s dual ended lipstick + Lipgloss. The one I have is L06, Wine Shine and violet. To be honest, I found it pretty useful as it has lipstick and lip gloss on both ends. This is how it looks like :-

Avon’s Dual ended Lipstick + Lipgloss L06 review:-


The lipgloss is frosty pink in color, the name is Violet, although it looks frosty pink and is quite sticky :-/ it Tones down the look if lipstick is used beneath.

Avon’s Dual ended Lipstick  review+ Lipgloss L06 review:-


The lipstick is more of wine-red color, its name is Wine Shine. The texture is fine, and glides on easily, but it can be drying sometimes, so If you’re using the lipstick alone better use some lip balm first 🙂 I personally love wine kind of colors. So for lipstick :yes:

Avon’s Dual ended Lipstick Review

Avon’s Dual Ended Lipstick & Lipgloss L06 Swatches


Avon’s Dual ended Lipstick Wine Shine and violet swatches

Here is how it looks on me :-


Avon’s Dual ended Lipstick Wine Shine and violet swatches


  • Quantity:-  Lip gloss 1gms, lipstick 3gms
  • Price : Don’t remember L

My take on Avon’s Dual Ended Lipstick & Lipgloss L06

  • The dual ended lipstick with lip gloss idea is not new, but still girls find it handy to carry lipstick and lipgloss together, so I too found it convenient :)But while getting this, one can’t judge the right lip shade or lip gloss shade, as too I couldn’t   I liked the lipstick shade but not the lip gloss, because I’m more fond of lipgloss than lipsticks, so it was a :no: for me.


  • If you get hand on your choice, then you just need to carry one product ;)The lipstick/lipgloss can be used alone, and can also be separately.

Will I purchase it ?  Not really, until I get a good offer from Avon and get my hands on the right shade I want.

Thanks ! Godbless 🙂

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  1. yeps..thats sad..the lippy shade luks really nice and moisturizing actually..wud b a strict no-no for me..

    Nice review Switty! And ur lips luk HOT :-* :-* :lipstick:

  2. Hi Upasana, Nice review!
    I loved the shimmery gloss.
    The problem with Avon lipsticks is you never know what shade you are gonna get. The lady who sells Avon stuff here never has any testers, is it a problem everywhere?


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