Avon Eyeshadow Quad Palette Emerald Cut True Cult Eyeshadow Review


Avon Eyeshadow Quad Palette First Impression

As promised, we are back with a first impression of the Avon Eyeshadow Quad Palette which we recently received and mentioned in our last post. This palette is pretty decently packaged which is the best thing about it. It is black in color with all the details written about the product upfront on the box itself for one to review and have a sense of satisfaction. Honestly the packaging looks classy and sleek. The packaging is not at all flimsy and does not feel cheap compared to other products which you feel like throwing off seeing the outside packaging and the product inside. Its Emerald Cut Shade is what I like the most about this palette when you ask me about the product from inside.

avon eyeshadow quad packaging

Packaging: Avon is known to have a good packaging about its product which is continued with this one as well. It is quite handy and travel friendly which makes it another preferred palette over others. There is a mirror which comes in handy in times of urgent requirements since it is considerably sized and looks good as well. The product is definitely a complete package with that mirror since I sometimes find myself distressed with no mirror coming in suitable size while I am on the move.

Avon true color Eyeshadow Palette A501 shades

My Experience with Avon Eyeshadow Quad Palette Emerald Cut True Cult

The Quad in the name is definitely not just for the name sake. The four colors are surely going to mesmerize you with their presence in your vanity. These colors are Shimmering Beige, Softened Peach, Green Metal and Blackened Emerald. The colors in the quad look beautiful and uncoordinated. Each color defines its own presence. These are all unique in their own way and the photographs itself are a proof of what I say.

I really like the colors specially the blackened Emerald. It is a new kind of a color which can be used perfectly on any dark outfit. Shimmering Beige and Softened Peach are also great colors which can be used as a blush and highlighter as well. All the colors are much pigmented, as the swatch on my wrist would show you. But you need to swatch 3-4 times in order to get the desired color.

Avon Eyeshadow Quad Swatches

avon eyeshadow swatch

The retail price is INR 799 for 5 grams.

avon eyeshadow

There are many things to be liked about the pack as it is very convenient, easy to carry, colors are versatile and the palette is well designed overall. But I am very disappointed with one thing that has been bothering me. It is that Nykaa has sent me the product which is nearing its expiry. So, it is very disappointing to find a brand doing this to its customer. It is like playing with your brand image. If you are sending something to someone it has to be checked for its expiry so that the recipient does not take it in the wrong light. As of now it seems that the product was meant for dumping or maybe it was a leftover from some old stock.

Such things mean a lot and reduce the credibility of the brand.

As of now, I have only used this palette on my hand. I am yet to see how it turns out on my eyes. Will share my review with you once I use it reasonably and am able to form an opinion.

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