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Hi beauties 🙂

Today I’d be reviewing another lip balm from Avon Naturals. I’ve been hooked onto using these lip balms ever since I was in school, so at no point I miss using them any day of my life  🙂  I have reviewed its Strawberry lip balm also.


Avon Naturals Cherry Lip Balm Review and swatches

Claims :-


Contains cherry extract to moisturize and soften dry and chapped lips. The result, a smooth lip that will definitely draw attention.

  • To use :-Apply liberally on lips and  as often as needed.
  • Net Qty :- 4gms

Swatch :-


Avon Naturals Cherry Lip Balm reviews and swatches


Sorry for stupid lip swatch with flash, but its still pigmented and didn’t get washed out in flash, sooo 10/10 for pigmentation :dance:

My experience :-

This year I thought to break the norm of using the only strawberry lip balm, therefore when there was an offer going on, I ordered 1 strawberry and 1 cherry lip balm. So this was the first time I used it. My expectations were quite high as I was/and I am a hardcore user of its strawberry lip balm. Here’s what I experienced :-

  • PIGMENTATION:- When it comes to pigmentation, this is very very decently pigmented, if I can compare it to any other lip balm then, its is the muted version of Nivea Fruity shine pomegranate lip balm (which I believe is more of a lip gloss than lip balm because its not moisturizing :duh: ). The color it offers with 1-3 swipes is slight berry-red.
  • MOISTURISING:- This one is definitely not that good as compared to the strawberry lip balm, it’s a li’l dry and I need to re-apply it more often.
  • SUBSTITUTE :– This lip balm is an inexpensive substitute of a lip gloss, which offers impressive color payoff, and nice shine, but again it’s a li’l drying being a “lip balm”.
  • FRAGRANCE :- I just extremely dislike its fragrance, as it smells like an artificial cherry, or to be more precise it sometimes smells like those cough medicines we used to drink as kids K
  • PRICE :- They’re not expensive, and are a good deal when bought during an offer.



Worth or not ?


This particular lip balm is good for color, and a good replacement for a lip gloss when you want to keep the low profile, good to be used for everyday chores. But if you have excessively dry lip, then don’t go for this “cherry” lipbalm , as the fragrance as well as the formula will disappoint you. If you’re in need of a good lip balm, and if you’re school/college going , then do try the Strawberry lip balm.


Have you tried Avon Naturals Cherry Lip Balm ??


Godbless !! :-*


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  1. Hahaa even I got the cherry one this time, just to change the strawberry madness….Havent started using it though, used it to see the colour and i loved it…Got even the grapefruit and mint wala, perfect for under lipsticks and doesnt dry my lips out yayy 🙂

  2. after ur strawberry lipbalm review i cudnt wait to lay my hands on one. Ive placed an order for it n am eagerly awaitin my avon parcel now. Wuz thinkin of gettin this too…now am glad i dint. Thanks for the review ups 🙂

  3. i too ha used the strawberry one for years..i still have 2 in my drawer 🙂 but got tired of the same fragrance for so long so switched..but i havnt tried this one…

  4. I agree on your take on Nivea Fruity shine pomegranate lip balm, it doesn’t moisturize for long and you have to keep applying it at shorter intervals though it makes up for a lipstick for those who do not use much of lipstick and would like a bit of colour on their lips.


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