Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser


Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser

Have you ever fallen for something because it is nostalgic? When I was a kid, my father used to have this amazing Palmolive shaving cream, which smelled of limes, and was foamy. I used to love it when he would swipe my cheeks with the foamy brush and I would smell it on my skin for hours afterwards. At least that’s what I thought. So when this month I went over to my Avon Lady, she was arranging all the things she had picked up from the brand (including this amazing three-way-eyeliner set I have been eyeing), and I picked up a cheerful little package which was bright and happy and smelled of limes.

Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser Review+best skin care

  • Quantity: 100 gm.
  • Price: 199/- (Got it for 130/- though)

My take on Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser:

When I looked at the kitty of the lady I was stunned to see a huge number of Avon and Oriflame stuff. Recently, I am going through a face wash fetish so decided to buy a couple for summer. The lime fragrance attracted me a lot, so I decided to throw in my lot and get it, and guess what? I am glad I did.

Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser Review Ingredients+facial skin care

The packaging is cheerful and simply done, with a flip top, which makes it easy for me to carry this around. This particular one has already entered my gym bag, and I am using it regularly, especially after a workout when I am all sweaty. The cleanser has a foamy texture, something quite similar to Lakme’s perfect radiance face wash, and the key is to use a bit of it all over the face and then wash it off. In the house, my mother, who is dry skinned, also used this, and she said that the face wash did not make her skin dry at all. It lathers up and then washes off easily, removing most of my makeup in the process. I love the fact that this one can remove most of my facial makeup and I just have to use a little eye makeup remover to clean off the rest of it. I am oily skinned, and I have to say that this face wash takes off the extra oil without making my skin dry or itchy. It is perfect for summer when you will sweat like a pig and will need something to take the unpleasant sweaty odors away.

Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser Review Flip cap+skin lightening cream

The smell is a big bonus, it is so light and citrusy that it makes me feel very happy afterwards. It is probably the lime smell, which lingers on my skin for a few minutes afterwards. However, the best part is, it does indeed brighten my skin up afterwards. My generally absent-minded mother actually noticed that the darker patches around her mouth were less prominent, and her face looked much clearer. It also has not broken me out for now, so I am going to give it my thumbs up.

Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser Review Finger Swatch+facial products

Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser Review Hand swatch+skin care brands

What I like about Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser:-

  • Travel friendly
  • Lovely smell
  • Cleans face without drying
  • Evens skin tone
  • Brightens
  • Does not break me out

What I don’t like about Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser:-


  • Contains SLS
  • Only available through an Avon Rep

Verdict: 4.5/5

It will take me a long time to finish this, but I probably will repurchase if I don’t get anything better.

Have you tried Avon Naturals Lime Brightening Cleanser?

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  1. Panu! My dad used d same shaving cream n used t do the same…I love that smell…makes me feel all safe n cocooned in a weir sway 🙂


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