Avon Naturals Pomegranate and Mango Collection Review


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Avons natural mango collection reviews+Avon natural pomegranate collection reviews Avon Naturals Mango Collection

It contains :

1. 200 ml body moisturizing

2. 200 ml shower gel

3. 125 ml body spray

4. 75 ml face protecting scrub

5. 15 ml eye gel

6. 125 ml protecting face cream

I will take each product and “review” it :

Body Moisturizing

200 ml ! 200 ml of heaven ! I simply love it and I know my body loves it too! Well , the smell it’s absolutely adorable & it’s very .. moisturizing

avons body natural moisturising reviews+Avon pomegranate mango moisturiser reviews


The price it’s very very good for its quality . I love that it’s also refreshing ! I use it after the shower/the bath , and my skin turns soft!  What can I say , all my family use it , and the friend who gaves me this  knows my passion for mango – I always get tempted and want to taste it.:P


It’s a bit oily and just 200 ml ?  🙁

Other photos :

avon moisturiser reviews+Avon moisturiser reviews


Rate:4.5/5 🙂

Shower Gel

I take a shower twice a day , because  usually a  day it’s so hard for me… Well , this shower gel makes my day better ! 🙂


Avon shower gels reviews +avon shower gel+shower gel



I love the smell  ! After shower , my parents ask me if I used some spray or stuff , and I say no! It’s just this awesome shower gel I’ve bought from Avon . 70% of my shower gels are from Avon , and I’m proud of them! Their textures are simply perfect and they don’t make much of bubbles.


Again , the size . 200 ml aren’t enough for a person who takes showers twice a day .

Other photos :

Avon naturals shower gels reviews +shower gels+avon product reviews


Body Spray


AVons natural body spray reviews+avon body spray reviews


I don’t exactly know what to say. I love it’s smell..but the rest of facts?


It has a very good smell  which is exactly like of a mango.


The smell isn’t persistent and it wets my clothes every time I use it.  I guess it’s 50% water.

I don’t use to buy sprays from Avon , I prefer to try them before buying . But this one was included in set , and I was like “Why Not?” . I won’t say I’m sorry that I bought it but it could have been better.

 Rate: 3/5


Face Scrub


avons naturals face scrub reviews+face scrub reviews avons


I started using this scrub four weeks ago and waited for its result .It’s very effective and I love this scrub.


You can feel mango pieces in it .It’s abrasive but didn’t irritate my skin, easy to take off and also helpful for blackheads! The smell is yum yum !


It’s a bit hard to remove scrub from the tube & handle it on face – I mean it’s a bit “static” , but ok.

Rating -  5/5  🙂


Eye Gel

I love it because I can see the results of this eye gel .It makes the dark circles disappear in couple of weekss . I use to put a bit of gel on diskettes , cut in semicercle , and sleep with  it:)


avon's natural eye gel reviews+Avon pomegranate eye gel



You can see the results and the effect of it . Dark circles totally disappear but you have to wait patiently  to see the results !


It has a pearl shade,and make the place under my eyes look as if I cried.

Rating – 4/5


Face Cream

I use it every day as my skin is dry.I am not very fond of this cream as I think it is bit too moisturising.

avon naturals face cream reviews+avon face moisturising cream reviews




Moisturiser is perfect for dry skin.It protects the face and quality of the cream is pretty food.I love the mango fragrance  of the cream so much and I will be purchasing it again.


I don’t know whether you consider this as a negative point buy I don’t like creams which comes in  tub packaging.

*note : sorry for the weirdness of the third picture, but seeing the cream on my face could help you to form an opinion about the texture of the cream

Also, please pardon my english as I am from Europe.


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  1. OMG. you are making me drool over all these!!!! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: why are these not available in India :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller: :zombiekiller:

    • Haha,thank you! I try do to my best , even my english is pretty bad.
      First picture was taken about 4-5 minutes after the pack arrived ! 😀

  2. Wow what a collection, I can smell it from here 🙂
    I wish we have these soon, I have a AVON chocolate and pomegranate foot scrub which smells heavenly 🙂
    :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized:

    • All the products from Avon smell amazing! Have you ever tried Avon Skin So Soft collection? Its smell is amazing ! I can see that you’re an avon addicted too 🙂

    • I’m so sorry to hear that! I’ve tried a lot of products from Avon Naturals , with a lot of “flavors” and this one is my favorite – mango is delicious!

  3. wow! ur a real Avon-oholic!!

    m so curious bout the eye cream and the body spray…just ur descriptions make everythin sound so heavenly!! makesme wana go right out n buy it! really well written!

  4. They are really good quality and cheap , also very serious salespersons ! 😀
    My pictures were taken with my mobile phone , but I’ve do my best for this awesome giveaway Anamika shares with us ..


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