Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation Review


Post by Adivaah,

I was on the lookout for an affordable foundation & when I found the Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation to be the least expensive foundation from their range, I decided to give it a try & now want to share my experience with you all.

Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation

What does Avon Claim about this foundation: Enhance your skin’s natural radiance & get even flawless skin with simply pretty gel foundation. The water based moisturizing formula feels fresh and light, as if you are not wearing any make up.

  • Blends & glides smoothly & easily.
  • Oil free.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • Won’t clog pores.
  • Non acnegenic.
  • Safe for sensitive skin.
  • Water-proof & Smudge proof formula.
  • Long Lasting

How to use: Squeeze tube gently & apply a small pea sized amount on index finger. Apply on chin, cheeks, for head & nose. Blend downwards & spread evenly using your fingers or a sponge.

Ingredients: Here’s a picture of the ingredients

Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation Ingredients

Price: Rs.149 for 50ml

Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation Review


My Experience using Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation:

I wanted to try a very affordable foundation before I get my hands on high end brands so when I saw this foundation for Rs.149 in the Avon Brochure, I immediately ordered it. The main reason for getting this foundation was to learn how to apply the foundation, because when I first used Lakme foundation, I ended up looking horrible & never used foundation again. I thought I might not be applying it correctly & I should learn by investing in an affordable option until I get the hang of it.

So when I got this foundation, the first thing I did was I tried to smell it to see if it has any fragrance & found a very mild fragrance which isn’t too overwhelming. This foundation comes in a 30 ml tube brownish purple colored cute tube & twist cap. This comes in 3 shades Light Beige, Medium Beige & Natural Beige. I thought I’ll get the Medium beige shade but when I asked the Avon Rep she suggested Natural Beige & I’m glad I got that because Medium Beige would have been light for my complexion. Since this is water based, the texture of the foundation is little thin.

The first time I tried this I took a 4 drops of it & when I tried to blend it turned out be like a whitish cast & was looking horrid, I immediately washed it away with water & it came off easily. So for the next time I reduced it to just 2 drops & it blended well & it gave a nice matte look after I applied some loose powder. This doesn’t provide full coverage, it doesn’t hide blemishes & scars. I have dry skin & it suits me well, it doesn’t make my skin drier instead it feels light on the skin. This lasts on my skin for 5 hours at least & doesn’t clog pores but it might get into the fine lines. Overall, this is a light coverage foundation which can be tried by beginners to get a hang of it before investing in expensive foundations.

Avon Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation Swatches

Few things I like about the Avon Simply Pretty Foundation –

  • Very affordable for a makeup novice.
  • It is water based foundation so you feel as if you are applying a light moisturiser.
  • Blends easily but you need to be fast.
  • Just need a small amount, like 2-3 drops for the entire face & neck.
  • Lasts for at least 4-5 hours.
  • It a small tube, can be carried in a bag & apply whenever & wherever you want.
  • Doesn’t have an overwhelming fragrance.
  • It is Oil free & doesn’t clog pores.
  • Doesn’t make my skin dry or chalky, suits my dry skin.
  • Dermatalogically tested, Non- acnegenic , suitable for sensitive skin too.

Few things I don’t like about the Avon Simply Pretty Foundation

  • Doesn’t come in a see through bottle so one fine day it may run out & you wouldn’t know.
  • Settles in the fine lines.
  • Provides light coverage, doesn’t hide blemishes & scars.
  • It isn’t water-proof as claimed by the company.
  • Only 3 shades to choose from. But it’s better to ask your Avon Rep, because my Avon rep said “Natural beige “suits most of the Indian Skin tones.

Will I repurchase this? Yes I will until I get the confidence to try higher end foundations.

Will I recommend this to Wise She readers? Yes, because it’s very affordable & sometimes this may be on discount too. You could give it a try & if the shade doesn’t match you complexion & is too light you could mix any other foundation to get the correct shade or if it’s too dark you could add your daily moisturiser to lighten it & use as a tinted moisturiser.


  1. Nice review..I myself have never tried Avon foundations..just their lippies, NPs and eye pencils…

    wud this b gud for Combi skin?

  2. I have been waiting for someone to write about this gel foundation..had heard a lot about it. but it doesnot look gel-ly anywhere :jittery:

    • Absolute none Zara..if you know of any, please let me know

      :hammer: hahaha…this one is too much !!! :dance: :bangbang: LOL..i’m liking these smilies

  3. hey adivaah nice review
    its my everyday foundation wear it to office with l’ll moisture and i get my glow for the day 🙂 the good thing it survives some amount of heat too i.e non ac environment .. but ofcourse it cannot survive the heat outside during summers may b bz i pat some loose powder over it …

    and zara i have combi skin it suits me great just pat powder on tzone 🙂

    • Hey, thanks shreya! I always get a bit confused with Gel based products..although they do claim to dry and set soon and seem to be perfect for oily skin, i still feel my T-zone gets oily after using them..

        • Well, MAC’c studio sculpt FD is gel based..and also Meybelline has one called Aqua…MUFE has also come out with one in the Aqua range…but the only one ive tried is MAC wala..

  4. ahhhhhh…this foundation never suited me…..broke my combi skin everytime i tried…..was gifted by my SIL….and i gave it to away as i didnt like anything about it….


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