Avon Simply Pretty Nail Paints (Gift From Adivaah:) )


Yesterday while coming back home hubby called and said that there is a small surprise for you.I was  :jump::jump: elated :D:D.I thought so good about him thinking what a nice husband I have got who is again giving me surprises though my birthday has just passed :D:D however  when he came home it was not hubby but a friend of mine who has sent (what she calls  as a chotu sa birthday gift:D:D) .I just loved loved the packaging and I am now going to keep it on my side table 🙂

Adivaah, my Hyderabad friend who I have never met sent me these Avon simply pretty nail paint .She knows how much I love nail paints and more of all she herself is a nail paint freak 😛

Avon Nail Paint Swatches

Isn’t the packaging too cute ??

Avon Simply Pretty Passion purple review


All the three nail paints have frosty finish which I completely loved.:)

This one is Simply Pretty Pink Fantasy – A beautiful baby pink colour 🙂

Avon Simple Pretty Pink Fantasy Review


and here comes teal shade again :)It is Simply Pretty Nail Paint Frosty Blue


Avon Simply Pretty nail paint  Frosty Blue swatches

I opened up Simply Pretty passionate purple first as I have never owned this type of shade 🙂 I loved the frosty finish of this nail paint:) and have been wearing it since yesterday night 🙂



Avon Simply Pretty Passionate Purple Nail Paint Swatches

Thank you so much Adivaah .:-*-*:-*:-*

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  1. Love the Passionate Purple shade!! So sweet of her to send this across.. 🙂 🙂 U must be feeling super gud na?

  2. Aww Anamika, I’m glad you liked the surprise, it brings a smile on my face too. :hugright: :hugleft:
    Will send few more colors next time because I know you will make good use of them in doing nail art. :present:

  3. The colours look so good…..and the plum colour is just gorgeous…and it looks like the paint glides smoothly without streaking…they look neat… :yes: :yes:

  4. wow!! Lovely colors Anamika!! :dance: :dance: I loved all three..since I am becoming a nail paint freak nowadays!! :jump: :highfive:


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