Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick in Watermelon Review


by divya singh 

 Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love lipstick in Watermelon

Hello ladies! How are you all doing? I hope you all are in the pink of your health. First of all a very happy New Year to all the readers. This is my first ever review on this amazing blog. I decided to start something new with this New Year and could not get a better option than Wise She. Today I am going to review a lipstick from Avon’s Simply Pretty Pop Love lipstick collection. It is Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love lipstick in Watermelon.

Avon Pop Love Lipstick

Of late Avon has become a well known brand in the Indian scenario with their representatives spread wide over. I regularly try their new products. I saw this lipstick in their December catalogue and what immediately caught my attention was their ‘watermelon flavor’ claim. Watermelon is a delicious juicy fruit we all love it. So I just could not resist myself from trying this lipstick. Moreover it was at a pocket friendly price tag and being a college goer I cannot spend lots on my makeup indulgence so this was an apt choice for me.  So I immediately ordered it. Let’s see how it flared.

Price: Rs 199 for 4 gm I got it for Rs 129.

Directions for use: Glide on lips.

Ingredient list: Only vitamin E mentioned.

Shelf life: 3 years.

About Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick :

Full color finish with added natural moisturizing. Contains vitamin E.

Packaging: The packaging resembles the brand’s Simply Pretty lipsticks range but in a hot pink bullet. The name and shade no. is printed at the base. Nothing new and fancy about the packaging. The packaging will not attract you at all but what you get inside this boring bullet is what worth buying.

Avon Simply Pretty Watermelon

Color and texture: The color of Pop Love is a beautiful reddish pink which goes darker as you apply multiple swipes. The texture is smooth and glides easily. Just a single swipe and you are good to go.

My experience with Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love lipstick in Watermelon:-

It stays on my lips for approximately 3 hours without meals. If I eat or drink anything it gradually fades away leaving a nice pinkish tint on my lips. I just love the smell and taste of this lipstick. It tastes very yummy and I feel like eating up my lips :-). The lipstick is neither too dry nor super moisturizing. I always apply a lip balm underneath. It is semi matte without any shimmers. The pigmentation is very rich.

I don’t apply it in its full intensity as it will look OTT for going to college. So I just dab some lipstick on the insides of my lips after applying some lip balm to create a nice pink gradient effect. For night parties and outings the color will look very beautiful in its full intensity. I advice pairing this color with ethnic clothes. It will look amazing.

Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick in Watermelon  Swatches:-

Avon Simply Pretty watermelon

So this was all I experienced with this lipstick. I would quickly sum up the pros and cons for you all to judge.

What I liked about Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick in Watermelon:-

  • Affordable.
  • Smells nice.
  • Super pigmented.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Staying power is very good at the price it comes.

What I didn’t like about Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick in Watermelon:-

  • Only one that it is available through Avon representatives only.

Would I repurchase Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick in Watermelon? Yes but this time in strawberry.

Will I recommend Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick in Watermelon: For all those who love reddish pink lipsticks this one is a must buy at this price point.

My beauty rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Avon Simply Pretty Pop Love Lipstick in Watermelon?

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  1. very pretty shade i must say, avon has some really afordable peach and red shades which we get only in high end brnds, i like many of the shades in simply pretty range

  2. Avon has upgraded the quality and shade too.. such a stunning shade. I saw Strawberry , it such a pretty shade.. would love to have :))

  3. wow watermelon name itself is so attractive! Beautiful pics. Good work. I’ve never tried Avon’but guess its the time now.


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