Avon SimplyPretty Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel Darling Mauve Review & Swatches


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Hi beauties 🙂

Pheww !! what a long name for a nail paint, isn’t it ? :-/ I would rather call it A.D.M J I’m not a nail paint junky, and hardly own a few of them, out of which Avon’s nail paints do maintain a place in my n.p’s section 😉 So here we go..


Avon SimplyPretty Color Me Pretty Nail Enamel Darling Mauve Review & Swatch

  • Price : OOpsss sorry I can’t seem to recall its price :-S but maybe approx.40-50 INR
  • Quantity : 5ml


The bottle says :-


Provides excellence coverage with intensive color effect. Shake gently before use.



Avon  Mauve paint Review & Swatch mauve nail paint

  • Packaging :- The nail paint comes in a small glass vial, quite sturdy. The bristles of brush are just fine. The bottle is very small, wished if the brush part was more elongated.

About the shade :-


The shade is a bit more dark lavender color, though it looks a bit soft in the images below. It’s a glossy nail paint, and kind of creamy 😛 Faces nail paint in Silken Lilac is exactly same which Ana has already reviewed.

Texture :-

The nail paint is of precise consistency, neither too thick nor too runny. My nail paint is a bit streaky now. Its not too much glistening.

In the following image I have included 2 lilac or say purple prints from my pullover (yessss.. its winter here in North India now :smoke: )to give you an idea of where this nail paint’s shade lie between, also in right image you can see my hand against my Lilac Wall 😀 😀  .


Avon  Mauve paint Review & Swatch (2)



This nail paint, and every other nail paint that I have from Avon hardly stays intact for max 2 days (no I don’t do house chores on daily basis), and then it starts chipping. With a top coat it may survive few more days.


Worth or not ?



These n.p’s deserve at least one chance, although I have used a brand which much more inexpensive as compared to this, but stays on for like weeks 😀 As usual Brochure’s can be deceiving when it comes to picking up your desired shades, so you definitely need to see the reviews 😉 And as for this shade, this will look absolutely gooorggeous on fair hands !! :blush:

Godbless !! :-*



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  1. Hey! i used to hav this…As u said Switty, the color is quite diff from wot appears on the catalogue..but i still like the shades..nice for temp wear…the only reason i dont like these much is that they seem to dry really quickly in the bottle..hardly get much wear out of it..but I guess for such a nice price its sorta acceptable na… 😉

  2. itssss d tym to get such shades out..winter has cum :jittery: i luv such shades, more den d shadesi luv d cute bottles of avon prety 😛 nice one upsi n beautifully shaped nails :inlove: n gud mrng galssssssss :-))

  3. Lovelyyy shade! I love avon products…but i find that their nps dry up really fast n turn thick n goopy. Did u encounter such an issue?

  4. gudmoini Zara 😀 i have this one since this jan, nd i gooey used it much, i haven’t seen them drying in the bottle quickly, but with time they tend to be gooey 😕

  5. Love the shade :beauty: Cant wait for tomorrow, have to watch Dirty Picture 😎 . Had a bad experience with Avon once, the shades were so different than the brochure!


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