AVON True Color Blush Hibiscus Review & Swatches


AVON True Color Blush in Hibiscus – Review, Swatches


This is another AVON blush form the True color Range. This is the first shade from this range I tried and Ihave to admit I don’t really love it too much as compared to my other Pink blushes, but this is a pleasant pink to begin with and good for blush novices.

Avon true color blush in Hibscus review +  avon makeup reviews



About Avon True Color Blush Hibiscus:-

Brush on a fresh flush of color. This silky blus creates a natural radiance that lasts all day. It provides a smooth, even application for a luxurious finish. Dermatologist tested. Allergy tested. Non-comedogenic.

  •  Price: 399INR
  • Shades:Comes in 4 shades: Mad About Mauve, Molto Mocha, Hibiscus and Raspberry

Avon true color blush in Hibscus review + avon blush

 My take on the AVON True Color Blush in Hibiscus:-


  • Packaging:This blush comes in a large square case with the brand embossed on the lid. On half houses the blush pans and an applicator brush and the inside of the lid has a nice large mirror. I love this mirror especially because one can actually touch up with it as opposed to peering into a tiny dime sized mirror which is kinda futile. The brush is a bit rough and not something I’d like to use on my skin unless forced to.

Avon true color blush in Hibscus review + avon true color brush


  • Color & Texture: This blush, although soft is texture is a very blue toned pink. The blue undertone is quite strong and this is why I thank god for the tiny shimmer particles. Although no concentrated, this shimmer is what keeps this blush from making my face look ashy. Surprisingly, the tiny shimmers in this actually last a while and makes me look fresh and lively.


  • Pigmentation: The pigmentation is really nice and the swatch below is honestly just 1 swipe! Isn’t that fab?

Avon true color blush in Hibscus review +  colour blush


  • Staying Power: This blush lasts around 4hrs and then the shimmer and the color start fading in tandem. I don’t mind it, but for the price, I’d expect the staying power to be better. This is the only shade out of the 4 which has such a low staying power.

Avon true color blush in Hibscus review + true color makeup

  • Cost & Availability:I do find this blush to be pricey; especially since the quality doesn’t match up at all. The staying power should have been much better. I’d rather pick up a Faces blush instead.

Avon true color blush in Hibscus review + makeup product reviews


What I love about AVON True Color Blush in Hibiscus:-


  • Thanks to the shimmer, it makes my face nice and glowy
  • A nice fresh pink shade which I’m sure will be liked by alotta ppl.
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Has a nice large mirror which actually does help in touch ups.
  • The shimmers are very fine and not at all chunky.
  • If required can be used with a light hand as a highlighter.



Avon-true-color-blush-in-Hibscus-swatches+Avon true pink blush



What ticks me off about AVON True Color Blush in Hibiscus:-



  • Its sad staying power.
  • The prickly, pokey applicator
  • I found it too pricey for the quality.



  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Packaging: 4.5/5
  • Staying Power: 3.5/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Quality vs. Price: 3.5/5

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  1. :no: :no: Zee smtyms it feels good to knw u also hv sm duds incase of blushes lol :disdain: :rotfl: :hug-makeup: the swatch looks powderryyy :clown: houju ?? Saturday enjoing ????? :rock-n-roll:

      • haan re Even preetha pe bhi it stays very long n she is also in love with this :beauty: …. u know may be u got a bad piece 😐 raspberry toh i’ve not worn outside yet but i can make out its so very pigmented that will stay on and on and on. :-))

  2. the moment I saw..blush..i knew it must have been by Zara :rock-n-roll:

    Tip from Zara – how to you store your blushes? you must have a almirah for them…hae nah…….no seriously..how do store them?

    • Hehe…I thought after so many lush reviews ppl wud hav forgotten my luv fr blushes 🙂

      I keep my blushes in a drawer type storage and sideways with the Olof fling me so in can identify d ColorS easily 🙂 how d u store urs?

  3. I liked the pigmentation too good
    wat r d other shades available
    if paired up wid ryt clothes I think this color wud luk good too. Trendy and different

    • Hey Deeps…I havent tried doing that…i usually dont layer powder on cream coz m always in a hurry in d morning and never have d time to wait for it t set andal..but ill try this over d weekends 🙂

      • me luv mad n hw pigmented it is..nah no raspberry..dey have increased d price na…i feel i better get inglot refill den buying dem 😛

        • haan wo to hai…Inglot ones ka formula is amazing..aur it lasts for so long also..comparatively avon has a lesser staying power…not worth the price..


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