Avon True Color Silky Eyeshadow Glided Review & Swatches


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Hi Ladies, After reading some product reviews here  I am eager to write one for my favorite brand AVON.

As u all know about Avon very well. I think nothing more is needed except the name AVON.

The product is True color Silky eye shadow, I was curious to buy this product when I saw this for the first time in the brochure. I selected the shade “Glided”, which is a gorgeous golden color


  •  PriceRs.259/- ( I got this for Rs.140/- only as introductory special price)
  • Quantity3.5g





Swatches of Avon True Color Silky Eyeshadow Glided


Avon true color silky eyeshadow  shade glided swatches

My opinion about Avon true  color silky eyeshadow


It is creamy and easy to apply.For the first time the color of the product matches with the color shown in the brochure.It is very mild and needs to apply a considerable quantity so that it is visible to others.Worth for the introductory price only.

The applicator is bit problematic and I am also afraid that it may become dry soon as it is a rich creamy one as this is not daily wear one but ok I am satisfied with the product.

Swatch again 🙂

Avon true color silky eyeshadow  shade glided swatches
What I liked about Avon true color silky eyeshadow

  • Affordable price.
  • Silky satin finish.
  • Cute pack that is easy to carry in a purse.
  • Color lasts for hours.
  • It doesn’t smudge.


 What I do not like about Avon true color silky eyeshadow

  • Stick applicator is not good.
  • Only two colors are available. Avon should introduce more colors.
  • Chance of the cream becoming solid is high.
  • Worth only to the introductory price.
  • No sample pack like oriflamme.

 Will I buy this againYES! but not the same color. If avon introduces more colors I will buy them surely.

 Rating :3.5/5

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  1. Lovely post..i have the same one in light pink but in a diff packaging..i got it 2yrs earlier so now they must have varied on the contents also but i luv this! it can be worn alone or as a base…

    • yes especially in night parties..it will open up small eyes also as it can be used in the inner corner of eyes..i am looking for an eyeshadow like this..will give it a try..

      does these kind of light pink show up easily ??

  2. Yes it show up..but on my lids its pretty subtle..I havent used the brighter, more obvious shades tho..plus i wear specs all the time so anyways my eye makeup is neva visible..

    but these r really nice..majorly coz they r non sticky..so u canwear it alone or layer it once it settles..i used to just use it over my lid and then use a crease shade…kahir, tab to thats all i knew bout doin eye makeup..heehee..

  3. Good Morning 🙂

    I am liking Avon these days, but they will discontinued the pretty range of theirs this month :(, I was so looking forward for some nail colors 🙁 🙁 😥


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