Avon True Color Super Extend Extreme Eye Liner Review Photos and Swatches


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Gone are the days, when people used to put loads of effort, in making the perfect winged line. Being a small and hooded eye person, I had loads of struggle in eyeliner application and I always ended up with a messy look :D.  But, when I got my hands onto pen eyeliners and since then there is no looking back. I always use pen eyeliner to draw the wing. Recently, I got a chance to try this Avon True Color Super Extend Extreme Eye Liner and after trying it quite a few times, I am ready to share my final thoughts about it. Keep digging.

Product Info

Price- INR 480 (approx)



It comes in a bright yellow coloured pen form with similar cap, which is tight enough to keep the tip of the eyeliner at its place. The packaging looks very pretty and sophisticated. It is a rather thin and compact eye liner. It is extremely haul-able due to edgy packaging.The felt tip applicator is just out-of-this-world kind of fabulous.

Color, texture and pigmentation-

This pen eyeliner is not that jet black, but after 3-4 swipes, I managed to get the nice and intense black colour. So, the colour -pay off is just fine. The thing that I really like about this liner is, it’s not too runny, unlike other felt tip liners. If you want a very thin line or just want to tight line your eyes, without making the eyes look too made up, I’d say this eyeliner could be a nice pick.


I would say, it is decent black felt tip liner which is really easy to use. It does provide the precise application followed by thin to a thick line as per your choice. Although the colour of this liner is not truely black, but it comes out even and dark when you swipe it 3-4 times and the best thing is, it doesn’t feel heavy or stretchy on my eyes. It has average to low staying power as it smudges a lot on my oily lids and completely fades away after 4 hours of application. But if you are the one who doesn’t mind trying out the new products, then this one is for you otherwise you can give this a pass.



What I like about Avon True Color Super Extend Extreme Eye Liner 

What I don’t like about Avon True Color Super Extend Extreme Eye Liner 

  • Not smudge proof
  • Not waterproof
  • Not blackest black in colour
  • Low staying power.


Eye swatch-

Rating- 3.5/5


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