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Hey all ,

Makeup is an integral part of a girl’s life.We girls are so lucky that we have a choice in clothing and we get to do makeup !I love being a girl.. well dont we all??  Below , I am sharing a few makeup tips and tricks that I have picked up over the years.. Most of them will involve multitasking of products as I used to travel a lot and i wanted free space in my bag to fill with my shopping 😛


1)    Dont fret if you ended up buying a foundation too dark for your skin!It can be used a contouring product.. mix it with a bronzer and contour to get sun kissed skin and chiseled cheekbones in a jiffy! be sure to blend well though, u don’t wanna look streaky, like a tiger ,:P

2)    A champagne coloured highlighter is your best friend.Go for powder ones as they are more versatile and do not crease if used on the eyes.Apply all over eyelid,on the cheek bones and you have a glowing face in no time.The same highlighter can be used to make a shimmery gloss by mixing with your fav lipgloss.As always,do not over do it or you will look like an oil tanker!

3)    One awesome tip I learn t from a MAC SA was how to use highlighter in the day without looking OTT.Apply highlighter on top of foundation , but before powder . It diffuses the shimmer and shine and gives a soft natural glow for day which will not look harsh in the sunlight.

4)    Speaking of lighting, if going for a party where you know there will be dim lighting,do your makeup in dim lights at home and vice versa if the lighting is gonna be bright. This ensures you dont look over done or funny at the venue. Same rule applies for day makeup.. Do your makeup in natural light as far as possible.

5)    Mixing a bit of highlighter in your moisturizer gives a fantastic diffused glow to the skin. Ensure ,its an oil free moisturizer though otherwise you may run the risk of looking a bit too dewy!

6)    Mixing highlighter in foundation gives an all over glow that looks not only natural but gives an angelic look to the skin.Skip this if using a dewy finish foundation like MAC Face and body though for obvious reasons.you wanna look glowy ,not oily !

7)    A nude lipgloss is an investment ; lipstick too dark, lighten it by patting nude gloss over it! Lipstick looking too flat or dry, nude lipgloss to the rescue!Wanna give the illusion of plumper lips in a simple step? Apply nude lipgloss to the centre of your lips and spread with fingers and see the difference.

8)    It is always advisable to use a separate applicator to apply light glosses over your dark lippies, otherwise the pretty nude glosses will have red stained wands and eventually ruin the colour of the gloss as well

9)    To make a quick brush cleanser this is what i do: In a bottle mix a lil shampoo , water and a drop of conditioner.When washing your brushes, use this mixture to wash your brushes and let air dry !Imagine the time saved by not diluting shampoo and then using conditioner for your brushes!

10)    If you run out of concealer, take some of the foundation that collects in the bottle cap. This foundation collected here is thicker and will work in a pinch .

11)    Clear mascara works just as well as a brow gel on your eyebrows and in fact works great for creating natural looking lush lashes ! When flying , I always wore clear mascara for long flights as there was no risk raccoon eyes!

12)    Coloured eye pencils can work very well instead of of black as it doesnt look harsh and adds a pop of colour to the eyes. These pencils cane be smudged lightly to create a slight smoky effect and you have your coloured smoky eyes in less than a minute !

13)    Clear nail polish is a saviour if you dont have time to paint your nails . It makes the nails look polished and healthy. Another interesting use for clear nail paint is that if your tights have begun to tear ,and if nail paint is applied at the bottom of the tear, it stops further damage. This applies more to stockings than the thicker tights though.

14)    Want curls in your hair , but dont wanna put rollers or curlers ??? Before going to bed take 2 inch wide sections of your hair and twist them into a bun and pin to your head. These are called pin curls ! And you will wake up to gorgeous waves .. but don’t comb them .. just run a finger through your hair and enjoy the compliments you get for the luscious waves!

15)    And the most important makeup tip is : take care of your skin,remove the makeup well and be happy !when you look after your skin and are happy.it shows!And the makeup you apply will make you look fab !have fun with makeup.. dont use it as a mask to hide yourself but see it for wht it is -An art!

Hope your girls liked the post ? What are the tricks you have in your kitty?

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  1. thanx naf… i came up with this once when i had a dud shampoo.. then thot why nt even put some conditoner in it .. and it worked!

  2. clear nail polish used as a base coat and then ur color on top makes the polish last longer without chipping off quickly………..

  3. Thanks for the wonderful tips, but I have a question. Considering I spend almost 10 hrs a day under harsh flourescent lights n just 40-50 min travelling, shouldn’t i b doing my day makeup at home under flourescent lights as well? I ask this because I hv lipsticks which make me look dull under natural day light, but give a lovely rosy shade under th!!


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