Ayorma Fairness Anti-tan Face Wash And Fairness Daily Scrub Review


Ayorma Anti-tan Face Wash Daily Scrub

Hello gorgeousness! How is everyone doing? Recently, I shared a post on What’s in my July Fab Bag which was sponsored by our beauty Santa Anamika! I have reviewed all the products from the bag, but i do not know why and how i totally forgot about these little babies lying in my vanity, screaming me to love them!. So here I am, presenting for you the reviews on the Ayorma Anti-tan Face Wash Daily Scrub! I received the sample sizes of them, and having used them up completely, here go my honest reviews!

Ayorma Fairness And Anti-tan Face Wash And Fairness Daily Scrub

About Ayorma Fairness & Anti-tan Face Wash And Fairness Daily Scrub

Ayorma is perfect blend of Aromatherapy & Ayurveda. Ayorma help you maximize your beauty & well being while minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful ingredients like parabens & others.

With care & efficiency in mind our experts combine the best of Aromatherapy & Ayurveda to formulate our skin care & personal care products which is further perfected based on extensive consumer research & user feedback.

Ayorma Fairness And Anti-tan Face Wash

Every Ayorma product is crafted with a luxurious blend of select premium aroma (SPA) oils & natural ayurveda ingredients in accordance with any skin type & its needs. The SPA oils are derived through Ayorma’s incredibly deep understanding of Aromatherapy & Ayurveda synergetic relationship with our natural world.

Ayorma is crafted with 4 key elements in thought- Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, Select premium oils & no paraben preservatives. This unique fusion addresses all skin & body conditions using effective formulations that treat the skin with powerful results.

Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub


Rs. 349/- for 100 ml for the face wash (I got a free sample size though)

Rs 279/- for 50 gm for the scrub (again, I received a free sample)

What Ayorma has to say:

Get tan, fair & glowing skin with this unique combination, powered by skin whitening globules & natural extracts.

Main Ingredients: Licorice and curcuma extracts (Ambahalad ark)—which effectively removes tan and keeps the melanin production in the skin under control.

Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub Info

  • Orange peel ( Santra chal ark) oil it helps in exfoliationg the skin rather deeply.
  • French lavender oil & Honey undoubtedly the best moisturisers for any given skin type!
  • Egyptian Geranium oil which imparts an enticing glow to the face and also tones it!

Packaging- The products came to me as samples in my July fab bag, and there were two tubes in totality. The mini tube like things with screw lid tops seem quite reliable to me! And indeed, quite travel friendly! I do not find it risky to carry it along with my stuff in my bag, as it wouldn’t leak at any cost!

The face wash comes in an almost clear, verging towards mehendi green kind of packaging, while the scrub comes in an opaque white tube, with all the necessary information splattered all over it!

Shade, texture and fragrance of the face wash- Talking of the shade and texture of the face wash, it is not too runny, neither is it too thick. It has just the right consistency for a face wash. The exciting part is that it smells so much of lemon grass, and the product is greenish in color, and has these small bright-sap-green colored globules in it, which are presumably for the whitening part.

Ayorma Fairness And Anti-tan Face Wash Swatch

Shade, texture and fragrance of the Scrub- For the Daily fairness scrub, Ayorma has the same lemony-citrusy kind of a fragrance, though it is nothing too overpowering or as strong as that of the face wash. The scrub has a creamy texture and is an opaque white cream like product, with very fine exfoliating beads in it. The exfoliation beads are not overtly visible but can be felt on touching the scrub!

Ayorma Fairness Daily Scrub Swatch

My take-

As mentioned earlier, i have used both the products, and to be honest, i did not want to use them earlier soloely because of their claims at Fairness! I mean, why should one sell his products while demeaning someone else’s perception of beauty? That just doesn’t seem fair to me, and almost all products claiming fairness, put me off very badly!

But I had to use them for the sake of reviewing, and seriously, I was wrong about deciding at not to use them at all! The first thing I used was the fairness and anti-tan face wash, as the tiny green globules seemed very attractive to me! The moment I started lathering the face wash upon my face was there a chilled gush of wind or was it the extra-cooling sensation which the face wash caused; I still cannot comprehend!

No, don’t feel abated by this, I meant the cooling sensation to be a good thing, like really freshening! With the chilled feeling and the lemony fragrance it seemed like a perfect treat for a warm day! Though I still wouldn’t comment on the fairness part; solely because I do not believe in it! But the Tan removal claims are relatively true, I must admit!

Honestly, I was never much excited about using the Fairness scrub, as I had a bit too many scrubs lying on my shelves and I was lazy enough to try out a new one! But as it said daily Scrub I had to give it a go, as i generally restrict myself to scrubbing my skin once a week! The scrub has really miniscule exfoliating beads which do exfoliate the skin pretty nicely, and are not all abrasive! It is a good product for daily use, for even the most oily-acne-prone skin like me! The tangy fragrance further enhances the spa-like feel that the scrub imparts!

What I like about Ayorma Fairness & Anti-tan Face Wash And Fairness Daily Scrub?

  • Lemony scents
  • Face wash lathers well
  • Tiny globules which give a cool sensation
  • The scrub has miniscule exfoliating beads
  • The scrub is not abrasive
  • The face wash has a gel base which is nice
  • The cream base scrub helps control the oil secretion
  • Effective in tan removal
  • Budget-friendly

What I do not like about Ayorma Fairness & Anti-tan Face Wash And Fairness Daily Scrub?

  • None with the products, my issue is with the FAIRNESS claims which the company makes! Not happpening, Ayorma!

Rating: 5/5 for the face wash and 4.5/5 for the scrub

My Recommendation: A definitely must try for the summery fragrance and the cooling sensation it leaves the skin with!

Have you tried Ayorma Fairness & Anti-tan Face Wash And Fairness Daily Scrub before?

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