Ayur Walnut And Apricot Exfoliating Scrub Review



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Ayur Apricot Scrub– Usually women have a love-hate relationship with face scrubs. Some scrubs seems harsh and some too gentle to exfoliate blackheads! But girls never stops to try out new-new things, and if the product is decently priced, we don’t mind trying them once in a while. So I also tried Ayur walnut and Apricot exfoliating scrub.

exfoliating Ayur Walnut and Apricot exfoliating Scrub Review

  • Price Rs 45 for 60gms
  • Ingredients Aqua, apricot granules, walnut shell powder, poly sorbate-20, birch extracts, fragrance.
  • What the product claims Discover a new you and get rid of dull, tired and lifeless skin. Ayur walnut and apricot scrub contains natural walnut and apricot kernel to gentle exfoliate dull surface cell and remove impurity. Birch extract have soothing and purifying effects it reveal glowing fresh and healthy skin.


Ayur Walnut and Apricot exfoliating Scrub Review

My experience with the product:-

Scrubbing beads scrubbing granules are so harsh that if you are not gentle while massaging your skin then it might give red patches or skin irritation. My skin does feel smooth and soft for a while after using it but the harshness of the beads puts me off.

But I think, it can replace your pumice stone :rotfl:


face scrub Ayur Walnut and Apricot exfoliating Scrub Review

Can you see these big harsh granules? But I loved using them on my feet more, than using on my face 😛

Fragrance – It has a strong soapy smell which is nice (much close to liril soap if u have used)

Base It has a shiny cream base in which the scrubbing beads are present, due to this skin do not feel dry after scrubbing.

How I used it

Since my facial skin couldn’t handle the rough granules of walnut, now I use it like a body scrub where the skin is not that sensitive! While doing a home pedicure or home manicure, I use it to scrub away dirt and dead skin of arms and legs!


  1. The price is very low.
  2. Is a nice feet scrubber during your pedicure :rotfl:
  3. Ayur is herbal brand.
  4. Travel friendly, easy to carry around.
  5. Comes in a tube form so no hygiene issue.


  1. Scrubbing granules are very harsh.
  2. Dry outs the skin a bit after wash.
  3. bad a face scrub (at least for me)

Will I repurchase it No


Have you used Ayur walnut and apricot scrub, how was your experience?

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  1. I am looking for a pumic stone ..and i love harsh scrub as they exfoliate body so well…i am going to try this :dance: :dance:

  2. hi

    have u used Lakme After Sun Skin Lightening Face Wash. It says face wash but has micro granules which is not harsh on skin


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