Ayurvedic Hair Wash And Its Benefits


Ayurvedic Hair Wash And Its Benefits

Ayurveda and hair care is closely associated and given the fact we talk about so many hair care products, it becomes quite essential to include the goodness and treasures of Mother Nature along with the latest brands of hair care products. Well, nowadays it is commonly seen that more and more people are diverting back to the age old practices in terms of skin and  hair care like the various DIYs have become immensely popular among so many people!

Cold Showers For Hair & Skin

Many times we have talked about the various benefits of Ayurvedic recipes for hair and the motive behind sharing these informative posts is to promote the use of Ayurvedic recipes more prominently as the present lifestyle has already contributed a lot in problems related to hair like pre-mature greying, excessive hair loss, dull lifeless hair etc. to name a few!

Well, today we will be focusing on some ayurvedic ingredients which are actually great for the daily cleansing of the scalp in simple ways!

amla+shikakai+methi mix

Here are some of the dry ingredients which contribute to form an effective hair wash mixture which are initially dry!

We have heard about the miraculous effects of all these ingredients so many times, so I am not going to elaborate it anymore here! It is just that we can prepare a homemade Ayurvedic hair wash at home in easy steps.

Choose any 2-3 ingredients from the following and treat your hair with the goodness of this hair wash powder every week, interchangeably!

  • Reetha
  • Shikakai
  • Amla

How to make henna paste_dries amla

  • Fenugreek
  • Brahmi
  • Neem
  • Curry Leaves

Now for an Ayurvedic hair wash, don’t expect it to lather just as the chemical loaded shampoo products available in stores because an Ayurvedic hair wash may not look that appealing to the eyes! But the benefits of the same Ayurvedic hair wash is considerably more than any shampoo available in stores!

How to prepare Ayurvedic Hair Wash-

Well, I am talking about a simple hair wash which can be used thrice a week to give the strength and nourishment to the scalp! This is not an Ayurvedic shampoo as that needs a lot of time to prepare and filter!


  • One can get the above mentioned  dry ingredients from any Indian grocery store or may also opt for the powder forms of each of the ingredients in case you don’t want to create a mess in the washroom!
  • Soak the ingredients in small quantities overnight in water. One can also bring water to boiling temperature and pour the dry ingredients in it and boil for a while! Leave this mixture overnight and later on in the morning, use this as your hair wash fluid.
  • Initially, you may not like using it because of the strong herbal smell and the residue left on the hair strands. But if you are suffering from major hair fall issues or scalp problems then probably this is the best remedy to keep a check on these hair problems!

Hope you like this hair wash recipe! I am definitely looking forward to try fenugreek powder along with shikakai & reetha powder in the coming days before I turn completely lazy in winters! :-p

Have you tried this Ayurvedic Hair Wash?

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