Ayurvedic Oil Treatment


Ayurvedic Oil Treatment

Ayurveda dates back to being one of the most ancient forms of science. It has helped human beings in numerous ways to maintain a healthy well being. Ayurveda is quite popular all over the world for its extensive medicinal properties. It is effective in the treatment of various diseases or concerns related to the mind and body!


Not only Indians, but foreigners as well are quite fond of the Ayurvedic therapies.

Today, we will be talking about the most effective Ayurvedic treatments practiced by experts which is Ayurvedic Oil Treatment. This ayurvedic therapy has driven so many celebrities, spa addicts and various others to try this holistic system of mind and body rejuvenation for a happy and healthy life!

There are many methods of treatment using Ayurvedic hot oil and we will be talking about some of them in detail!

3rd Eye Therapy : Shirodhara Treatment

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This is one of the most effective ways to ensure that the whole mind and body experiences an elevated level of awareness. It induces a sense of peaceful well being for a long time. Also relieves from the bodily pain and lifestyle generated factors like stress and anxiety!

Shiro dhara basically refers to the constant flow of an ayurvedic hot oil from the forehead where the chakras of the body originate. This dripping of hot oil relaxes the body and relieves pain from the various pressure points located on the entire body. These chakras are said to have immense power which when awakened can lead to a heightened sense of understanding and soulful experiences!

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It is known to stimulate the functioning of various organs in the body like the pancreatic activity or the pituitary glands. It tends to improve the mental power. Also it helps in building a string memory. The overall experience of this hot oil treatment is enough to give a boost of nourishment to the scalp, skin and the body. And above all the mind is peaceful and calm which leads to a happy self! 🙂

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Hrid Basti

Hrid or the heart is the process of pouring or dripping Ayurvedic oil over the heart area. It  improves and nourish the heart related functioning. This hot oil treatment is beneficial for those who have heart related concerns. As it helps in strengthening and rejuvenating the heart. A lukewarm herbal oil or ghee is left on your chest for a stipulated time. It works to give a relief from respiratory disorders like asthma as well!

I hope you find this information useful. You can look for such Ayurvedic treatments in your next trip to an Ayurvedic spa.

Have you tried these Ayurvedic Oil Treatments before?

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