Ayurvedic Products That You Must Try


Ayurvedic Products That You Must Try

Ayurveda or Ayurvedic medicine is a system of traditional Hindu medicine native to the Indian subcontinent. Now-a-days Ayurvedic and herbal products are well recognized all around the world and people have realized that with Ayurvedic treatment they can cure many problems without causing any severe side effects.

So today we are listing below some of the well known Ayurvedic products that are available in India.

Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo

Soultree Hair Revitalising Shampoo

It is a natural product free of any harmful chemicals. It cleans the scalp and hair nicely and imparts a nice shine to the hair. Makin hair soft and little bouncy it controls frizz and hair fall to some extent. It smells fresh and herbal. Decently priced and eco-friendly packaging. An SLS/SLES/silicone free shampoo.

Forest Essentials Extra Virgin Sesame Oil

forrest essential sesame oil
The key process for any oil, when it comes to quality, is Cold Pressing. This means that the oil has been extracted by a natural method which doesn’t damage essential fatty acids. Cold pressed black unrefined Sesame oil is regarded as one of the best oils for massage. It has high lecithin content renowned for mood elevation, and is extremely nutrient rich for nourishing and toning the skin. It deeply nourishes the skin and doesn’t feels sticky in spite of thick consistency.

FOREST ESSENTIALS Jasmine & Patchouli Night Treatment Cream

Its a milky white cream, its super light in consistency, as a matter of fact this has been one of the lightest lotions I have ever tried. When applied you hardly have to work it into your skin as it absorbs in a jiffy! The cream leaves a smooth finish, and does not make my face greasy at all, even at the end of the day. Yes, non greasy yet moisturising.

It doesn’t effects existing acnes, nor does it leads to more sprouting. And ladies the smell of jasmine is to die for, it’s so light and floral, and lasts all day, people could smell it from quite a distant.

Biotique Nourishing and Revitalizing Pistachio Face Pack

Biotique Nourishing and Revitalizing Pistachio Face Pack Review+face packs
This deeply nurturing pack is blended with pure pistachio, almond, saffron and lentil seed oils to smooth, nourish and revitalize skin for a radiantly ageless complexion. One can feel the smoothness and brightness the pack provides right after the first use. It nourishes, moisturizes skin while making it smoother and reducing the tan. Yes, though it is not mentioned, yet it has reduced my tan to quite an extent, and even my post pox marks. It never dries up skin and provides a radiant glow which stays long. I have been using it for last one year, and for not even a single time I thought of not using it.

Vedic Line Hair Retarder

vedic line hair retarder

The cream is off-white in colour and has a gel-like consistency. It is very fast absorbing and doesn’t clog the pores at all. The cream has a very earthy-floral fragrance which is very mild and fades within a couple of minutes. This cream actually delays hair growth. It gets absorbed quickly and does not cause breakouts. This cream does not cause in growths. Only a little amount is needed for each use. This would suit all skin types.

Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap-Free Cleanser

Kama Ayurveda Mridul Soap-Free Cleanser

A traditional combination of herbs, cereals and pulses that gently cleanses skin. It is non-drying and can be used as a daily alternative to soap. Leaves face smooth and clear. It removed all temporary tans quite easily. My skin looked really even toned after a long time. It is great for tan removal and authentic luxurious Ayurvedic ingredients leave skin soft and nourished. Also it has camphor so it soothes acne prone skin too and has slight cooling effects as well. It is a must have product for summers I feel.

The Nature’s Co Kelp Sea Bath Salt

the natures co kelp sea bath salt

Therapeutic and relaxing. Relax and de-stress the natural way. Soak in our Kelp Sea Bath Salt that is rich in sea mineral salts and moisturizing properties. It also helps draw out toxins from the body. For a bath treat, sprinkle a small quantity into running bath water or go for an indulgent soak.

Tvam Apricot & Walnut Body Scrub and Polisher

Tvam Apricot & Walnut Body Scrub and Polisher Review+body scrubs

Its a coarse and smooth mixture. The coarseness is evenly ground apricot and walnut. The paste that binds the powder is creamy and smooth. Also the consistency of the scrub is perfect. It is no too coarse so doesn’t irritate the skin. It not only exfoliates skin but the cream leaves skin soft, hydrated and smooth.

Forest Essentials Cane Sugar Lip Scrub

Forest essential cane sugar lipscrub

It is very effective and not overly abrasive & still does its job pretty well. It exfoliates lips well and at the same time keeps lips moisturized. During winters when your lips get chapped and flaky, this lip scrub is your savior then. Our lovely Zara is head over heels in love with it and has rated it a 5/5, do you need any more reasons to convenience this purchase.

Aura Vedic Foot Scrub

Aura Vedic Foot Scrub Review+foot scrub

Finest natural ingredients with a nourishing combination of natural oils to gently exfoliate, soften hard skin and soothe tired feet. The product itself is mildly lavender in color with big brown granules in it that scrubs my skin well. Skin feels soft, smooth and it also prevents skin from drying further.

In the words of Poorna, I love the fact that after scrubbing my feet with this and then inserting the said feet into my brand new ballerinas, I have actually had the pleasant feel of realizing that even after staying for six hours inside them, instead of my feet smelling like dirty socks, it did smell mildly of lavender. It does actually make me feel very relaxed afterwards, so I am quite pleased with this product.

Have you used any of these products? Let us know..

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  1. I like Mridul soap free cleanser. Not as hassle free as using a face wash. But it is definitely all natural and good for the skin. Got a lot of products to try from your list.

  2. I love Kama Products. Specifically the kama kumkumadi thailam, kama rose water, bringa hair treatment and the mridul cleanser.

    Somehow, forest essential fo not suit my sensitive skin


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