Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo Review


Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo


Hello dearies,

Today I am going to review an SLS/SLES/silicone free shampoo. Please read on to know


Soultree Hair Revitalising Shampoo


  • Price: Rs. 350 I got mine from greenkart
  • Quantity: 200 mL

About Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo:


Soultree Revitalising Shampoo




Soultree Revitalising Shampoo Ingredients


My experience with Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo:

I was on a lookout for a good SLS/SLES/silicone free shampoo for long. The body shop rainforest range is nice but it was getting a bit expensive for me. I landed on this shampoo after hours of googling. I took a risk and purchased this shampoo after reading the ingredients on their website as I could not find any review for this shampoo.

The shampoo is a dark brown colored semi gel type liquid. It comes in a normal plastic flip top cap packaging with paper covering. It seems eco friendly. It smells really fresh, not fruity nor flowery but little herbal, I can get a faint hint of amla. Overall it has a nice soft smell.


Soultree Ayurvedic Shampoo


Coming to the cleansing part, this shampoo cleans scalp and hair pretty well. Oiled hair will need more amount though. I some time follow up with a silicone free conditioner or I use ACV rinse after shampooing. Both ways my hair stays soft. It also makes hair a little bouncy. My hair type is oily scalp and dry ends and I used to shampoo every alternate day. I was losing so much hair that now my scalp is visible which is very distressing for me. So I am trying every possible ways to grow my hair. I will say this shampoo has somewhat helped me control my hair fall if not fully. I don’t have frizz when I am using this shampoo without conditioner. I have been using this shampoo for the past 4 months along with other hair cleansers. This makes my hair shiny and little straight too.


Soultree  Shampoo HandSwatch


Now comes the bad part. It lathers very very less. I know sulphate free shampoos generally don’t lather so I am okay with it. I want my scalp be cleansed of dirt and oil. This does that but it doesn’t spread properly. You cannot use this as a regular shampoo. So what I do is I thoroughly wet my hair, take some shampoo and apply in parts all over my scalp and then hair. Then I put more water on scalp to generate lather and keep for 5 minutes and then wash. In this way oil also gets cleansed. It is really time consuming but the results are worth. And yes it also doesn’t clear dandruff. 🙁

What I like about Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo:

  • Natural product free of harmful chemicals
  • Cleans the scalp and hair nicely
  • Imparts a nice shine to the hair
  • Smells fresh and herbal
  • Makes hair soft and little bouncy
  • Controls frizz and hair fall to some extent
  • Decently priced
  • Eco-friendly packaging

What I don’t like about Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo:

  • Difficult to spread
  • Less quantity and you end up using more product because texture is gel type
  • Does not clear dandruff

Rating: 4/5

Do I recommend Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo?

Yes, I do. You can try if you are searching for a good natural shampoo. If you are not satisfied you can always go back to your favourite shampoo.

Till then take care girls 🙂

Have you tried Soultree Ayurvedic Hair Revitalising Shampoo ?


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  1. sounds good, but my hair require s alot, i will end up using it all and it will finish soon 🙂 nice review, it reminds of patanjali shampoo

    • This shampoo is not good for hair. It makes hair much dry and fizzy and hair fall problem…….. Not solved… Hairfall as it is. I don’t want to buy this product next time very bad experience. Totally Waste of money.


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