Ayurvedic Shampoos In India


Ayurvedic Shampoos In India

Ayurveda originated in India but modern Indians took some time to recognize its magic. Now Ayurvedic products are selling like hot cakes. They are safe and mild. Ayurvedic shampoos usually lather less but they do not harm hair. These can be used daily and are boon for girls who like to wash their hair frequently. There are many brands of ayurvedic shampoos in India and here are some of the most popular herbal hair cleansers-

Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo

Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo+Just Herbs Silky Strength Shampoo Price

It has some floral sort of fragrance. The texture of shampoo is watery gel like. It cleans the scalp nicely, doesn’t strip out oil from hair, and doesn’t make them oily. It does not lather much.

Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo

Himalaya herbals protein shampoo

This shampoo is free from SLEs, Silicone and Parabens and contains natural ingredients which are good for hair. Mild non-overpowering smell. This is gentle and so can be used daily to clean oily hairs.

Biotique Bio Walnut Bark Fresh Lift Body Building Shampoo

mild herbal shampoos india

It has Ritha, Amla, Bhingraj, Akhrot Chal which are considered to be one of the best hair care ingredients. It brings a nice change to hair texture. Also it cleanses oily hair and there is not much of hair fall either. It is some where body building and does add some volume to hair. It keeps hair oil-free for long. And it has nice herbal fragrance.

Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo

Khadi Neem Sat Herbal Shampoo Review+shampoo brands

This shampoo is a vibrant green color, and has a pleasant, clean fragrance that doesn’t overwhelm. As well, it has a nice smooth texture, although it can be a bit runny. It has lovely smell and lathers up nicely. The shampoo is economical. Relieves from dry, itchy scalp and makes hair soft. It does not require a conditioner afterwards.

Forest Essentials Mashobra Honey And Vanilla Hair Cleanser

FE Mashobra Honey & Vanilla Hair Cleanser Review+vanilla shampoo

FE products are safe. This shampoo is mild and so it works well on non oiled hair. Leaves a pleasant smell in hair post hair wash.

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Hair Cleanser

Patanjali Kesh Kanti Milk Protein Hair Cleanser Review+natural hair cleanser

It cleans hair thoroughly and does not leave any product behind after even a single wash. Since, t is milder as compared to other commercial shampoos, so it can be used 3-4 times a week. It has a pleasant flowery fragrance. Does not cause any irritation of scalp or dryness of hair. The quantity is very good if compared to price. So, totally budget-buy. This shampoo adds shine to hair gradually after regular use.

Shahnaz Husain Shagrow Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner

Shahnaz Husain Shagrow Hair Cleanser Cum Conditioner

The best part about this shampoo is that it reduces hair fall to a great extent. The shampoo does lather well, though not as good as the usual shampoos. The lather is a little less if we compare it to the usual options available in the market. It manages to wash off light oil from hair.

SESA Vita Protein Shampoo

SESA Vita Protein Shampoo Review+shampoo herbal

The shampoo has nice smell and is thick in its consistency. It contains wheat germ, green apple and pro-vitamin. Makes hair smooth and silky. It lathers easily.

Kama Ayurveda Rose and Jasmine Hair Cleanser

herbal shampoos india

This is a mild hair cleanser, free of SLES (Sulphates), Parabens and Petrochemicals formulated to gently cleanse hair without stripping its natural oils leaving it soft and shiny. Vegetable source soy protein binds moisture and improves the tensile strength of hair. Organic Aloe Vera Juice and Hibiscus Extract reduce hair loss; promote hair growth and conditions hair. Blended with Pure Essential oils of Rose and Jasmine for soothing, nourished and healthy hair.

Tatha Shampoo Green Tea & Lotus

ayurvedic shampoos india

This soothing shampoo cleanses the hair, rejuvenates and purifies by delicately removing damaging impurities and build up. Its moisturizing and fortifying properties strengthen and repair damaged cuticles; creating a look that is elegant and alluring. Sulphate and Paraben free.

Which is your favourite Ayurvedic Shampoo In India?

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