Azulene Oil Benefits


Azulene Oil Benefits

Azulene oil is produced with steam distillation of chamomile flowers. Some other flowers from Asteraceae family also provide this bright blue oil. Besides these azulene oil is also extracted from elemi, eucalyptus and vetiver. This oil is very useful in a variety of skin care products. Azulene oil imparts a bluish tinge to the products. It soothes and hydrates skin. Some of the Azulene Oil Benefits are as follows-

azulene oil uses


It reduces skin inflammation. It soothes irritated skin and keeps it moisturised. Azulene oil helps in alleviating redness and swelling of skin.

Fights acne and spots

It reduces blemishes and makes skin clear. Azulene oil also helps in reducing acne.


This oil protects skin from damage by free radicals in environment. It also slows down skin aging by controlling premature fine lines.

Prevents Sun Damage

Azulene also protects skin from damage by sun rays. It does so by working against discoloration of skin.

Cell Repair

Not only it prevents damage to the cells, azulene oil also has the ability to repair damaged cells.


Azulene oil is also useful in antiseptic products as it has anti-bacterial characteristics.

Soothes Irritated Skin

Azulene oil calms skin after waxing or shaving.

azulene oil benefits

Skin and Hair Care

Azulene oil is famous for a variety of skin care products. It is present in hair care products like shampoos and conditioners. Azulene oil is added in dyes and hair straightening products too.


It is a very good moisturizer and is particularly good for very dry areas of skin. Azulene oil heals cracked cuticles and it can soften knees and elbows too.

Medical Uses

It is used in treatment of ulcers, gastritis, athlete’s foot, and vein problems.

Azulene oil is safe as it is free from  lead, arsenic, mercury and carcinogens. Even though it is mild, it can cause allergic reaction in some people especially if they are sensitive to the plants of daisy family. In any case, you should avoid exposure to sun immediately after using azulene oil on skin.

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