Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Products Are Not Herbal But Facsimiles


Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Products Are Not Herbal But Facsimilessays Media Report

Read an astonishing post and thought to share my views with you. The news report says that the Patanjali products we had been trusting for being herbal are actually not at all herbal rather they are facsimiles.

The media has got proofs of this when one reporter with due permission from Baba Ramdev went inside the manufacturing facilities and found that almost all products are produced with some or the other fallacies. He found, for example that the Cow’s ghee as is proclaimed by Baba Ramdev to promote as original is made by mixing local cow’s milk with Cooperative Milk Product Federation’s pasteurized butter!

Baba ramdev products review

It is so fascinating to realize that how we as followers, fell for his kind words and fell prey to his line of products. The media reports surely are a big revelation. It’s not that these products were not objected earlier for quality but the follower ship won against facts but now it seems that the products have actually lost their sanctity given the revelations.

It is all happening with CISF around

As per the media reports, the media and other people are not even allowed to move inside the Patanjali Manufacturing Facility in Haridwar. The media is allowed only in certain places. Also it has been noticed that the products are manufactured amidst wrong practices.

Other companies butter is being used to make Patanjali fresh ghee made from pure cow milk

The above statement is a continuation to what I already highlighted in the beginning. The products are all wrongly produced and are not at all pure as is claimed by Patanjali and Baba Ramdev.

Aloe Vera Juice is not produced with its own plantations!!

They claim its Aloe Vera juice to be produced through its own plantations. But actually it has been found that the same is produced through raw materials from Dhandev Resorts and Healthcare private limited, based in Jaisalmer and owned by Congress Leader Roop Ram.

There are many companies manufacturing Patanjali Products

None of its juices, biscuits are being produced in its own manufacturing facilities. It has been revealed that these juices and food products are being produced in different factories not belonging to Patanjali. For example, the Patanjali biscuits are produced by Sona Biscuits which already is the manufacturer of Sobisco Biscuits of its own. If Mint is to be believed, none of the juices selling under Patanjali are made in its own facilities. They are all produced by some other companies like Milk Products Private Limited.

Patanjali Products are not natural claims the media report

Ramdev’s company claims about its products being natural while it is all clear that there is a widespread use of processed sugar and preservatives. Even the noodles sold by the company are manufactured by Akash Yog Health Products Limited, which is based out of Haridwar itself.

There is no disclosure of production techniques by the Company

It is claimed by Baba Ramdev that the products are researched by more than 200 scientists before production takes place. But this also seems doubtful as the production scientists refused to meet the media & press. They simply said that we are not allowed to disclose any of our production techniques to any outsider.

The products are deliberately marked herbal

On conditions of anonymity, one specialist claimed that the products are deliberately marked herbal while they are not even near to herbs. Their technique is simple. They pick the products made by other private labels. And then imitate those using natural herbs and then package it as herbal. Actually the products are nothing but dupes of original private brands products.

This is just unbelievable and I have suddenly lost my faith in Patanjali Products.:(

I myself have created lot of Patanjali product videos and have trusted their quality ..Guess! Got to be careful from now on.

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  1. Sad to hear this as Patanjali aloe vera gel always worked for me and I think it worked for most of the people. Need to think now whether to use it or not.

    • Its not about products working well or not.I like Patanjali products and their aloevera gel but pretending that we manufacture their products is not right.

  2. well i have always hated this guy (not sure why) and looks like a total fraud. Good that i didnt fall for any of his bloody products

  3. Patanjali is a company which has grown up in very less span of time. It is common to hear such rumors. Don’t just go with someone’s review. Use ur discretion.


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