The baby food diet plan-Pros and Cons


As more and more people are becoming weight conscious every now and then we hear new diet plans coming up in the market. Dietitians are making pots of money with new diet plans. As and when new diet plan come up in the market and their demands rises.

This time it is “The Baby food diet plan” which has come up in the market. It is one of the newest diet fads which have hit Hollywood. It is little strange and funny to follow the baby food diet plan but celebrities like Jennifer Aniston and Reese witherspoon are following it. Just because they are using it one should not start following it but one should have a brief knowledge about it. Celebrities do only the best to maintain their body and if they are adopting it then there must be something good about it.

So lets us see what this diet is all about.

As the name suggest this diets advice people to trade your regular meal for a jar of baby food. So it includes mashed fruits such as bananas, veggies ,dal ka paani,cereals which are packed in small jars etc. This diet has won everybody appreciation because eating baby food satiate hunger pangs. For many people eating baby sized diet meals instead of regular one is quite beneficial. This is because baby food dieters will dine of pureed nutrition which is easy to digest
Diet focuses on three points which are:-

1.Eat your normal daily food when you have your meals at least three times a day .So this means you don’t have to skip meals while on this diet to get all your required nutrition. This is emphasized as many people skip their meals especially overweight one.

2. Need to eat often possibly 4 to 5 meals a day but in moderate quantity.

3. Now comes the baby food part where you have to eat little jars or containers of baby food every day. Avoid food which are too high in sugars but you can have mashed peaches, mangoes and bananas.


1. First of all it is easy to follow this diet. Baby food jars are easily available in super market and they can be taken to work place and store in fridge easily. There is no hassles’ of taking it out add masalas ,like it is done when one is advised to eat chana or murri in snacks.

2. Baby food is full of vitamins and free of additives.

3. Easy for vegetarians to follow.


1. Food requirement of adult and of babies are quite different .Babies do not required as much amount of calcium and proteins which are needed by an adult body.

2. Baby food is very low in calories and does not prove adequate energy resources for an adult. Also due to lower fiber intake it can result in problems like constipation and thinning of hair as Vitamin E intake is quite less in this diet.

3. One cannot switch to this diet for long .Chances of switching of old habit and start binging during snacks time is quite possible.

Conclusion-Diets keep on changing but it is very important to maintain and develop a good relationship with food. Baby food diet plan cannot work for long term as one will surely bounce back to normal diet later on. Good for those who have short term goals of reducing weight.


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