Baby Products At


Baby products at

Browsing through pepperfry i stumbled onto their kids sections… Kid sections are so cute na just got hooked to it 😀 They have diapers to toys to infant clothing, many other things.


There are so many different kinds cute strollers available. :cute:


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They also have nice collection of toys n cute clothes :cute:



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Pepperfry offers cash on delivery, free home delivery and the best of all you get Rs. 2000 from them to shop with when you register on their site. Amazing nah?  Dance Left Right

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  1. Janani’s brain – * I wonder why is tupsi browsing the kids section*
    Janani’s heart – * arey brain, maybe she’s having to give some gift to somebody*
    Brain – * but still, me thinking …… *
    heart – * u insensitive moron , just tell her the pics are cute*
    Brain – * Wat ??? Oh yes , nice piccies Tupsi!! *
    Heart – * I :heart: the honeybee teddy*
    Brain – * :sigh:, there he goes again, stupid heart *

    End of story !!! 😀

  2. NOooooooooooooooooo Not pepperfry i had the worst shopping exp ever. I still haven’t got my item that i shopped for 😥 and it has the worst customer service ever. I then went to their facebook page and realished that there are many others like me who have not received the item and who have already made the payment online. WORST SITE..


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