Bad Breath – 5 simple remedies to cure bad breath


By Neha,

If you have headache, stomach ache or viral you will get lot of sympathy but bad breath is not the  kind of a problem that will bring you sympathy.You will not get bouquets of flowers on your desk .But one day some one might gift you a package of breath mints or you might start noticing that people are standing little farther away than they used to be.

Every one has bad breath and suffer from this problem time to time – It can be because of anchovies on your pizza , for example , or the extra chilli you put on your lunch time food.

Fennel for bad breath – When you eat at a restaurant in India, specially for those serving Indian cuisine you must have seen those tiny seeds in a dish by the door.These are called fennel seeds and they are a traditional remedy for freshening the breath after eating.

Bad breath is most of the time temporary and there are few ways where you can make bad breath fresh again.

1.Mouth rinse after eating– Rinsing the mouth is the easiest way to keep your breath clean .This washes away food particles which leads to bad breath later in the day,

2.Having something sprightly – Many of us don’t know that having a apple is also a great choice as a breath freshener.Their crisp texture and slightly sweet taste makes them a perfect choice for cleaning your mouth after a heavy meal.

Few other foods which are natural breath freshener our parsley and oranges.Oranges are considered as a better choice because acid in the oranges stimulates the salivary glands.The Silvia helps in rising the mouth and keeping the breath clean.

3.Mouth diseases – Having gum diseases is a common problem and many of us may be suffering form it without being aware of it.Most of the gum diseases can be prevented with some simple tooth care.When one don’t brush regularly , a sticky bacteria -laden film forms on the surfaces of the teeth.Over the time this damage the enamel on the teeth and also lead to gum infections.

All dentist recommends to brush your teeth twice a day and while you brush your teeth don’t forget to clean your tongue too as our tongue us a normal heaven for bacteria.In addition to this you may like to wash your mouth with a mouth wash containing zinc which helps in neutralizing mouth odors.

4.Baking soda – When mouth washes concept was not popular people often brushes their teeth with a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide.Doctors have discovered that regular brushing with the mixture changes acid levels in your mouth, making it less hospitable to odor causing bacteria.

5.Keep a check on what you eat – No matter how much the food taste good you are courting bad breath when you eat strong flavored spicy food.Some of the worst food or ingredient which leads to bad breath are onions, salami, onions, garlic, tuna, coffee ad alcohol.

You might find it sad but fatty foods to create a strong odor during digestion so you got to keep away from that too.


  1. Nice write up. I love the picture of the cats (does the black one have bad breath and hence the brown one is pushing it away ?). I love cats and I used to have 7 at one point of time. They all wandered away though 🙁

  2. Hey ! good to see you back too (you were posting very little last few days – I was checking, even though not commenting :)). Somehow the singers at the MS parties are always boring kinds :(. Hope you had fun eating and dancing and seeing other people's make up though ! Will send you photos of the wedding soon.

    What did you wear and what makeup did you put for the MS party – why don;t you do a post ? Should be fun.

  3. Yaa Rupa I m not updating many things nowadays but I hope I start doing it soon …

    I will do my make up of MS party today and will show you guys .i will try 😀

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